Winter Mini-Readathon Mini-Challenge #3!

So, how’s everyone holding up? It’s officially the halfway point!

Sadly, I have no real updates. Somehow I got no reading done during the last 3 hours… I made my sister watch some funny songs on YouTube (I’m On a Boat & I’m Awesome, in cause you were wondering), we did her bonus challenge post, made some cucumber sandwiches, made more coffee, chatted, etc… This is what happens when you have two sisters who don’t get to hang out enough, and throw them together all day with food and drinks.

Anyhoo, on with the next challenge! The challenge is to use random objects around your house to spell out the word “read”, take a picture of it, post it on your blog, and then come back here to leave the link in the comments!

Here is mine…

We’re not alcoholics, I swear. The honeyman doesn’t even drink, lol, but he had all of his friends save bottlecaps for him for some game he wants to play. Lucky for me, they made this challenge easy-peasy πŸ™‚ But you can use ANY OBJECTS around your house.

See you in 3 hours, when Jenn will be hosting a mini-challenge!




    1. Looks awesome Belle! I wanted to comment directly on ur post but im on my phone & this is easier, lol. What did u use for it?


  1. Oh how fun! But I’ll have to stop now *sad face* it’s 11.30pm here and I’m tiiired. And stupid Twitter’s down. *grumbles* I did some reading though! Yay! Thanks for hosting πŸ˜€


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