Winter Mini-Readathon Challenge #4!

Hey ya’ll! So, I got a little bit more reading doneΒ – I’m on page 108 of Hominids. I’m really liking it so far, I already think I want to go buy the sequel. Sadly my sis had to go home, and then my honeyman came home and brought a friend for dinner, so we’ve been eating chicken tacos and socializing. These last 3 hours will be my best hours yet, dammit!

So, this next mini-challenge is hosted by the fabulous Jenn at Booksessed. Go there and follow her directions. Jenn’s hosted challenge counts as one of the 5 mini-challenges that you’ll be able to win a $5 Amazon gift card for. I’m going to participate too cause it looks like SO MUCH FUN (not for a prize obviously), but I’m going to do that later, after I get farther in this book that I’m reading.

Have fun!



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