Winter Mini-Readathon Challenge #2!


Hey guys, how ya doin? I’ve have a good 3 hours so far… Heather and I sat and updated my header (LOVE the V-Day theme), I started my chicken in the crockpot for chicken tacos, made some jalapeno poppers, and read 66 pages of my first book, Hominds by Robert J. Sawyer.

So, the 2nd challenge! The image you see above is a Wordle, and your challenge is to make your own and post it on your blog! Here’s how…

1. Go toΒ and click the Create button.

2. Type in a bunch of words related to the mini-readathon! Can be anything bookish, the snacks you’re having, the books in your to-read pile, anything really. A couple notes about using Wordle…

  • To make a word appear in a large font, type it several times. So to get “Mini-Readathon” to look so big up there, I typed it 3 times.
  • To get words to stay together, say for a title of a book, put a ~ between the words. So for “The Warded Man” above, I typed: The~Warded~Man
  • The more words, the better. It’ll look full and pretty.

3. After you type in all your words, be sure that that’s all (I don’t think you can go back to add more), and click the Go button. From there, you can change the layout, colors, font, etc to get it to look how you want.

4. I don’t think you can right click on the image to save it. My laptop has a feature called “Snipping Tool” that I use to take a cropped screenshot and save it to my pictures. Otherwise, you can probably use just a regular screenshot and then save it.

The post your Wordle on your blog, and come back to this post and leave a comment with the link to your Wordle post.

I’ve been very excited to do this mini-challenge, can’t wait to see the Wordles you guys make!!








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