It Takes A Witch: A Wishcraft Mystery #1 by Heather Blake

  • Title: It Takes a Witch (A Wishcraft Mystery)
  • Author: Heather Blake
  • Publisher: Obsidian, 2012
  • Pages: 299
  • ISBN: 9780451235527

Yay! Okay so I’ve honestly never really been into cozy mysteries – I’ve never really tried them. However, Heather Blake is actually Heather Webber, the author of that Lucy Valentine series I love so much. And I enjoy those books so much that when I heard she was writing a new magical mystery series, I just knew I had to try it.

So Darcy Merriweather and  her sister Harper have recently learned that they are witches, and have moved to Enchanted Village in Salam, Massachusetts to learn more about their heritage and abilities from their Aunt Ve. They are Wishcrafters – witches with the ability to grant wishes. Learning about magic in this quiant little tourist-y town seems wonderful,  until a local wannabe witch lady is found dead – and Aunt Ve’s boyfriend is the prime suspect. Though she’s reluctant to get involved, Darcy finds herself working hard to find the real murderer while trying to learn the ins and outs of her new magical powers.

This story was SO CUTE. It’s a very unique take on magic – there are different kind of witches – Wishcrafters, Curecrafters, Lawcrafters, etc. Each kind of witchery comes with it’s own set of rules, which makes for a lot of fun and enjoyment jut discovering what they are. It was really interesting to watch Darcy try to muddle her way through all of this new magical information. And the mystery aspect of this story was good – I never saw what was coming. And I particularly enjoyed a little twist revealed at the end.

Darcy herself was an okay character – she’s trying to get over a failed marriage and while I sympathized at first, I quickly just got a little bored with it. Move on, girl! Your ex-husband sounded like a jerk! Darcy was otherwise a good person though – compassionate, funny, and busy. And it’s looking like their may be some romance blooming for her in Enchanted Village anyways. I also liked Harper, even though you don’t see as much of her. She’s a book person, so how I could I not adore her? I also love the idea of Enchanted Village – in order to hide in plain sight, the town’s many magical residents made the town a tourist desination by really playing up the cutesy magical image and I loved it. I would move to a little town like that in a heartbeat.

So, overall this was fun and cute and perfect brain candy. I especially recommend it if you already like cozy mysteries. I’m definitely looking forward to the next in the series, A Witch Before Dying, which is supposed to come out this August.

Sarah Says: 3.5 stars



  1. COZIES! Last year I discovered them and I’ve been on a huge kick ever since. They’re so fun!

    I haven’t read this one yet. 🙂 I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.


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