Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Hope Santa Brings


Good morning everybody! Well I’ve been up since 6:30, trying to cram as much Christmas-prep into my day as possible. We’re having a Christmas get-together with our gaming friends Doni & Alan tonight – we originally planned on doing it next week but had to switch to this week at the last minute. So, I have some more stuff I have to run out and buy today and I haven’t done ANY wrapping, plus I’m behind in reviews and emails and lots more…. oy. I love Christmas-time but I’m so glad that in 5 days it’ll be over!

So, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely The Broke and The Bookish, and this week’s topic is Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings. Should be easy, no? In the interest of being quick and getting stuff done, no pretty pictures in this week’s post. Sad, I know.


1. The Scottish Prisoner: A Lord John Novel by Diana Gabaldon – Came out at the end of November and I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ IT!!!!

2. Fire by Kristin Cashore – I read this last year and liked it almost as much as Graceling, but unfortunately haven’t gotten around to buying it yet.

3. Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman – Really enjoyed this novel, it was a great funny read.

4. Lamb by Christopher Moore (the fancy Bible-edition) – One of those things I’m not that likely to buy myself because I already have the regular copy of the book. But it’s one of my favorite books, and the fancy leather copy is just so cool.

5. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell – Super cute love story around the time that computers and email were just emerging in Nebraska.

6. Practical Jean by Trevor Cole – It’s a long shot because I JUST read it, but this was a great novel. Very dark humor and kinda twisted, but it totally worked.

7. Crossed by Ally Condie – Came out November 1st; The day that my book-buying had to cease until after Christmas time so that people could buy me books.

8. BOOKSTORE GIFT CARDS – I really don’t understand how anyone could ever be like “Sarah’s so hard to shop for.” I am happy as a clam with gift cards for bookstores. I’m actually certainly hoping for some because I’ve developed QUITE a to-buy list since I haven’t been allowed to buy myself books for almost 2 months now.

And that’s all I can think of for now! What are you wishing for this Christmas?








  1. Powells was nice enough to send me a five dollar gift card in the mail and I totally used it towards Domestic Violets, which I’m looking for too. I hope you get some of these great gifts this holiday.


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