Winter Mini-Readathon Sign-Up!

That’s right, the time has finally come to get this thing rolling! So, here’s the info…

  • The Sarah Says Winter Mini-Readathon will be on Sunday January 22, 2012.
  • The object is to read for any 12-hour block on that Sunday. I’ll be reading probably from 10 am to 10 pm, US Eastern time.
  • There will be 5 mini-challenges, and one bonus challenge (from my sister Heather at All You Need Designs. She also made my mini-readathon pics! Aren’t they awesome?)
  • One of the challenges will be hosted by the very cool Jenn at Booksessed.
  • The prize for each of the 5 mini-challenges will be a $5 Amazon e-gift card. This is a little different than the last mini-readathon, so we’ll see how it goes. There are more winners this way! Prize for Heather’s bonus challenge / giveaway will be announced later.
  • Participating in the challenges will last until 12 PM (Eastern) on Monday the 23rd, and the winners will be announced on Tuesday.
  • Feel free to spread the word by tweeting or blogging about the Mini-Readathon! If you do a blog post to tell others about it, use the link to that post when you sign up in the linky widget below.
  • The Twitter hashtag for that day will be #ssrminiread and my Twitter name is @SarahSaysRead.
  • Sign-ups last until the day of the event.

OK, I think that’s about it. My caffeine-lacking brain is probably forgetting something, but if so all of this info will also be posted on the Sarah Says Mini-Readathon: January page of my blog.

So, sign up below! And feel free to grab a button for your sidebar or a blog post 🙂






  1. I may have made a sound similar to a “squee” when I saw the owl button and I don’t know why. I thought I was only obsessed with penguins, but apparently I dig owls too. Who knew?


    1. LOL. I do really like the owl one. In fact, I saw a purse today at Target and the front looked like an angry owl and I was totally digging it, lol. I took a picture, perhaps I should tweet it…


  2. I’m tenatively in. I may have a literature class in the afternoon. If not, and I can help my boys with their homework on Saturday that weekend, there is a small possibility I can clear my calendar.


  3. I have something that day, although by the latest news it seems it is going to be only a half-day event (hopefully), so I’m signing-up. I won’t be able to commit for the full 12 hours, but I will probably use the evening to read, though. But hey, I have time up until midnight! 🙂


  4. Just a question…I’m in Australia, so I’ll be doing to readathon a day before all of you. Will you post your challenges in advance so I have an opportunity to do them, or will I miss out?


    1. Hi Kayleigh, I wont be able to post the challenges in advance, but the challenges wont end until Monday, so you can join in them the next day if u want. Sorry about that, but at least you’ll still have the chance to win the prizes!



  5. You know, I was considering reading a large chunk tomorrow. I don’t know yet if I’ll manage 12 hours because we tend to do 2 hour walks on Sundays and I need my sleep and such, but I’ll sign up and see how I go! Heaven knows I need to extra reading time! I barely touched anything today.


    1. Oh crap, I forgot that it closed this morning, lol! Don’t worry, u still count as an “offici al” readathoner today! Thanks for joining 🙂


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