Bookie Brunch Trick or Treat – ZOMBIES!

Welcome to Bookie Brunch: Trick or Treat

Bookie Brunch is a weekly book chat for book lovers. A new Bookie Brunch posts every Sunday, and you’re welcome to join any ongoing discussion whenever you like.

In the meantime, let’s have some treats for Halloween. Just click on the badges at the end of the post, for a new treat!

Here’s a treat from me at Sarah Says Read!

Due to the newest season of The Walking Dead, I have zombies on the brain! (haha, get it?) However what I really like is zombie humor, so enjoy the below for your amusement!

If you want more zombies, I recommend the following!

Best zombie books I've found!

Fantastic TV series!

Best zombie comedy movies!

Can you tell I’m a little zombie – obsessed?

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My favorite Halloween treat is… Pumpkin seeds!

because I loved carving pumpkins as a kid, and this was the only time of year you got to have roasted pumpkin seeds!

What’s yours? Tell us!

Feel free to leave a comment if you like, to share your fave Halloween treat or some other cool link for Halloween. Thanks for dropping by, and…

Happy Halloween!

Find more cute treats by clicking on any of the pix below:




  1. Zombies don’t like fast food – hilarious:) And the peanut zombies, too. Cute post! I never ate roasted pumpkin seeds, we eat them dried here – I like those, I guess the roasted ones taste even better.


  2. I LOVE the peanut zombies! OMG, still giggling!.
    My favorite is candy corn, but I try to make roasted pumpkin seeds every year too. (They don’t always come out so well though)
    Thanks for the great post, what a fun way to start the day!


  3. Lots of zombies everywhere! I’ve only read one zombie book (The Forest of Hands and Teeth) and I haven’t seen a single zombie film (because I am a huuuuge coward and never watch any kind of thriller or zombie/gory comedy), but do see their appeal! 😛 Married with Zombies does sound like a very interesting read! I remember reading a few reviews a while ago and rather liking the sound of it!

    As for the pumpkin seeds, I live in Greece and we don’t celebrate Halloween here… (We have Mardi Gras sometime in February/March, where we dress up etc, but it’s still not the same…). But I am a huge fan of pumpkin seeds! (Not sure if they’re roasted or dried, though!)

    Happy Halloween, Sarah!


    1. I definitely recommend Married with Zombies, it’s a cute series without too much zombie gore.

      Thanks Phanee, Happy Halloween to you too!


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