One Day It’ll All Make Sense by Common

Yayyy! Finally got to read Common’s autobiography that just came out recently, called One Day It’ll All Make Sense. It seems to me that there is a HUGE lack of rap / hip-hop fans among book bloggers and if any of ya’ll is interested in giving it a try, Common is my suggestion to you.

So, in this here book Lonnie Rashid Lynn (better known as Common) gives us the story of his life. Each chapter starts with a letter to someone in his life, which I thought was a cool idea. Common takes you on a journey from his childhood to his teenage years, to his struggle to become a more successful rapper and to dealing with fame, relationships, and controversy.

Obviously, you probably aren’t going to read this unless you’re already a Common fan and that’s okay. That’s usually how it is with memoirs. But there were a couple things in the book that I liked in particular that I just wanted to mention:

– He talks with so much fondness for his mama, and I love that. She actually writes in her thoughts in some of the chapters, and it was interesting to see how much she struggled to make him a good, honest person but still able to man up and take care of himself. (This actually reminds me of my honeyman and how he was raised. I give so much credit to women who are able to raise truly great men.)

– He delves into his relationship history a bit and it was interesting to see him reflect on past loves and how they affected him. We all do this – dissect what happened, how it happened, why it ended, and how we came out better for it.

– He speaks about the whole White House controversy – basically some conservative politicians trying to run a smear campaign against him when he was invited to the White House as part of a poetry night. It was a really weak effort on the conservatives part to make Obama look bad, and MAN I was infuriated when it happened. He handles this all very gracefully.

– I learned more about his older cd’s. Honestly, I didn’t start listening to Common until my boyfriend had me listen to him about 4 years ago. I didn’t know who he was before that, at least not knowingly – I probably heard him before and didn’t realize it. So I’ve only listened to his last three cd’s, but now I really want to go out and listen to more of his older stuff.

And that’s about it. If you ever hear about Common, you’ll hear him described as a “conscious rapper” and that’s more or less true. Sure he raps about some grittier stuff, but I like Common so much because he’s socially, spiritually, and poltically aware and that comes through in his songs. He’s thoughtful and intelligent and his songs make you think. I hate when people automatically associate all rap with “thug / hate / sex / violence” music, I hate when people hear Lil Wayne on the radio and assume that THAT’S what all rap is. Common is the perfect rapper to clear up those misconceptions. He’s a great example of hip-hop.

So, overall an interesting read. Go listen to Common (I recommend his cd’s Be and Finding Forever) and if you like what you hear, then check out his book.

Sarah Says:Ā 3 stars


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