Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

The old cover, the current cover, the UK cover. All the same AWESOME book.

 I’ve been slowly re-reading the Outlander series this year – this is book #4. So keep in mind, there will be spoilers about the 1st three books here.

So, Jamie & Claire have come to America! The book starts in 1767 in the New World, with them setting off to make a life for themselves with nephew Young Ian and his pet wolfdog Rollo tagging along. (As well as Fergus and family.)They have almost nothing to start off with but as always find ways to survive and eventually they find land to call their own, deep in the woods of North Carolina.

In the present time, which is 1969, Brianna and Roger are continuing their awkward long-distance romance. That is, until Brianna discovers a death notice of Claire and Jamie, and rushes off through the stones and into the past to try to prevent it, with Roger belatedly coming after her to try to protect her. Once reunited in 1760’s America, their relationship seems more solid – until tragedy strikes and changes their lives completely.

So I guess I can’t say much more than that or I’d be getting super-spoilery and you know, if you haven’t read this book yet that would suck for you. LOTS of stuff happening in this one – it doesn’t get boring because there’s always something going on. I love all of the Outlander books almost equally but for different reasons – the first two because I love seeing Jamie & Claire in their first years together, the third book because they’re reunited and off having adventures, and this one because they finally start to get the domestic settled life that they’re been trying for. It’s so exciting to see them coming to America in the pre-Revolutionary War days and carving out a life in the mountains.

I love love love Jamie & Claire. Haven’t I said that a bajillion times on this blog? But it’s true. Jamie has to be the most well-crafted, well-written, well-fleshed out character ever written. And Claire ain’t so bad herself 🙂 And together they are truly amazing, even though they’re approaching 50 in this book.

Brianna and Roger I am slightly less enthusiastic about. I can say that I like Brianna the most in this book – maybe it’s because we hear her thoughts more. But she still still makes some damn stupid decisions in this book that set off bad shit happening later. And I think that Roger is great, and I’m happy for them and generally want good things for them – they’re no epic couple like J&C though.

And Young Ian! I would love it if Diana Gabaldon gave him is own series – he’s one of my absolute favorite characters in the series.

Anyways, enough of my gushing – this book is just as good as the first three. And so far, even though this is my third re-read – all four have still made me cry. We’ll see if book #5, The Fiery Cross, can do the same – last time I read it I remember thinking that it was one of my lesser favorites. We’ll see.

Sarah Says: 5 bright-ass stars


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  1. You know I love it too! I’m going to have to break down and re-read this series. It sounds like fun revisiting it. I think it’s been so long since I’ve read them that I might be surprised by twists I may have forgotten 🙂


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