Perfect Fudge by Hazel M. Larsen

It was only about a month ago that Jenn from Booksessed sent me an email, gushing about this amazing book she had read by self-published author Hazel M. Larsen. I could really feel Jenn’s enthusiasm, and about two weeks ago I finally ordered it from Amazon. I got it in the mail Monday or Tuesday, and I’ve already read it πŸ™‚

Sam is a young girl who one day witnesses a crime and therefore becomes a target herself. When she wakes up, she realizes she’s been kidnapped – although they use the term rescued. But they won’t let her go and insists that she now has toΒ live with them – forever. They say they’re guardian angels, and they want her to join them. But even as she starts to feel comfortable with them, she can’t ignore the feeling that she has to get away.

So, I did thoroughly enjoy this book, and I think that it’s a great debut. I love the idea of guardian angels that Larsen created – it’s fresh and unique and different. Some of my favorite parts of the book were seeing the powers that the angels had, and seeing them interact with each other. I loved the romance that developed between Sam and Dexter – it crept on you, and was definitely not insta-love. Dexter is just awesome. The whole cast was pretty great – angels Dexter, Linus, Percy, human Millie,Β and even the creeps like Aidan, Rob, Crystal,Β and Simon were all interesting and different. This was an easy book to fly through. Oh and another thing I really liked – Larsen did a fantastic job at making her angels seem ageless. And that made the whole book overall seem less like a YA novel to me, and more fantasy fiction (which I love).

Now, for myΒ  nit-pickyness (yup that’s a word). Sam was a frustrating girl in the beginning of the book, and it took a while for me to like her. She just didn’t react to being kidnapped the way I think someone who normally act. I think this could have been helped with a little more backstoryΒ – we don’t learn a whole lot about Sam from before she was taken, and I think some background info could have made her behavior later seem a little clearer. I was also upset about how she handled things with Aidan about halfway through the book. Anyways, eventually Sam really grew on me and by the end of the book I was definitely cheering her on and happy for her.

Overall, this was a great book. I really kind of became attached to the angels. Jenn does a Q&A with Hazel Larsen on her blog, and I’m happy to hear that more of Larsen’s work will be about angels. She has said that this book won’t be part of a series, but personally, I would love it if she re-visited these characters. I want to see more of Dexter, Sam, Linus, and Millie in particular. I want to see what angels really do when they’re in action!

Anyways, I definitely recommend giving this book a try. It’s a new, unique premise and it was a refreshing read. I’m very happy I bought it πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what Hazel Larsen comes out with next!

Sarah Says: 4 stars



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