Fearless #1 by Francine Pascal


Gaia is THE SHIT.

Sorry for the outburst. But I forgot how much I loved these books. I first read the Fearless books by Francine Pascal when I was 12 or 13 – so over a decade ago. I remember devouring these books, up until at least book #17 – by then I had caught up with the books in the series already published, and after that I forgot about them and went and read other things. Of course, this was before I had the internet and could look up release dates for the books I liked πŸ™‚

So, the Fearless books are about Gaia – a girl without the fear gene. She’s 17 and recently moved to NYC, living with George and Ella. George was in the CIA with Gaia’s dad, and has taken her in. Gaia’s “special gift” of being born without the fear gene led to a very “special” upbringing, which is why she’s a black belt in karate, muay thai, jujitsi, etc. She’s also incredibly smart. But all of this means that Gaia is a lonely, outcast teenager just trying to make it through her teen years.

So, these books are crazy short (this was only 199 pages), but it packs a really interesting storyline and a lot of action. Gaia is moody, but she’s also incredibly kick-ass. We get little glimpses of the mystery that is her past, why her parents aren’t around and why she has the skills that she has. Some really interesting characters are introduced too. There’sΒ Ed, a guy in a wheelchair that goes to school with Gaia and befriends her despite her attempts to push him away. Sam, a handsome guy that gets under Gaia’s skin, in introduced. Sam has a girlfriend Heather, who is the typical popular high school brat. And there’s a couple other colorful characters scattered throughout. There’s not a huge plot in this book because it’s the first in what turns out to be a 40+ book series, but it sets everything up nicely AND ends with a hella big cliff-hanger.

So, basically I still love these books. They’re so easy and fun. I love that Gaia’s moody, flawed,Β and hunts out danger. I love that there’s more of a romance square rather than an instant love triangle. And upon re-reading, I think I can see where my love of bad-ass female characters really originated. Plus the tiny hint of sci-fi that comes with the storyline of a girl without the fear gene probably primed me for the sci-fi, fantasy, and magical books I love now. I only intended on re-reading this one book, but I think I’m going to continue reading these. I have the first eight books, and I’m curious to see where Gaia’s story goes after I stopped reading them all those years ago. I won’t be posting reviews of any of the others after this however. There’s a ton of them, I read them quickly, and I don’t want to have to worry about spoilers.

If you like YA and a tough female main character,Β give this one a try. You could read it in aboutΒ 3 hours or so.

Sarah Says: 5 stars


(5 stars partly because there are awesome books, but also a tiny bit for sentimental reasons.)

(Also, if you’re wondering Gaia is pronounced Guy-Uh. Like the Greek Titan earth-goddess.)




  1. Ohmigod, I loved the fearless books SO much! Totally helped that they were written by Francine Pascal, but I was so hooked on them when I was about 12! I didn’t realise there were 40 though- I used to get them from my library so I was at the mercy of whatever ones they decided to order, which was a bit erratic at best! Clearly I’m a bit excited by the nostalgia… Hehe.

    Ps I loved that she was also uber-smart, and really good at chess!


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