Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie

Despite the fact that she was dumped, radio producer Allie’s doing pretty well for herself – until her ex gets her demoted from the radio station’s prime-time spot. Stuck with temporary DJ Charlie on the 10 pm to 2 am radio slot, she’s determined to make him a star (nevermind the fact that he doesn’t want to be a star at all). And if she can use a fling with Charlie to help her get over her ex, so much the better.

It’s not the best premise, but it’s fun and different. Allie lives in a small town, and works with a quirky bunch of people at the radio station – including her dweeb of an ex-boyfriend Mark, who’s a total jerk and really fun to detest throughout the book. Charlie comes to town with a hidden agenda – he just wants to do his job and leave. But Charlie is a lot of fun – especially for Allie. And the more they try to stay away from each other the more they fall in love. The sexy bits are fun & enjoyable, and I giggled a couple of timesย throughout the book.

I always really enjoy Jennifer Crusie’sย female characters – they’re often described as warm & soft, rather than thin and beautiful – each Crusieย heroine is beautiful in her own unique way. I also enjoy it when Crusie has two male characters fighting over the heroine – it makes her seem extra awesome, and it’s fun to watch her shoot the jerk down.

Charlie is one of the funnest Crusie male characters I’ve seen – he’s kind, witty, and laid-back. I always enjoyed the dialogue that he was in, which is good since he’s a radio DJ. He also drums up some interesting controversy for the town, and I personally think that stirring up a little storm about political dirty business is attractive.

There’s only really one thing the bugged me in this book, and that was Allie’s annoying hissy fit that proclaimed all rap to be psychopathic and all about raping women. As someone who really likes rap and knows that most rap is NOT like that, that was really irksome and I kinda wanted to smack her for being so close-minded about an entire music genre – especially for someone who works for such an unusual radio station.

Other than that small hiccup, this book was a really quick, fun, fluffy read – which I desperately needed.

Sarah Says: 4 stars



  1. oooh…. a new Crusie. I totally need to read that one. I got a gift certificate for my birthday and I know it won’t be long before I hop over to B&N. I bet this will be one of my buys.


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