I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron

Over the past week or two, I’ve been going through one of those annoying bouts of I-don’t-feel-pretty. Hopefully most girls out there will know what I’m talking about. None of my clothes look good, my hair is annoying and won’t do what I want it to do, etc. Maybe I’m just a weirdo, but I go through these little phases maybe once a year or so. I don’t know why, but it usually doesn’t last too long, and by the time it ends I’m back to my bubbly, Damn-I-look-good self.

Anyways, I was in my spare room surrounded by all of my books and trying to decide what to read. And I remembered that Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck has been suggested to me a lot recently. And since I’m going through one of those annoying ruts, I figured it’d be a good time to read it.

In a way, it was. I read it pretty much in one afternoon, since it’s only 137 pages. And in a lot of parts, it was pretty funny. She talks about the insane amount of time that women spend on their hair. She talks about how crappy it is to get older, and how younger women should appreciate what they got while they still have it. She talks about parenting, and a couple of her work experiences, and renting an apartment in NYC.

Overall, it was amusing and enjoyable. But the book didn’t click a lot with me because let’s face it – I’m not in my 60’s, I have no kids, and I don’t live in NYC. I’ll probably enjoy this book a lot more when I’m 65 or so (though I probably still won’t have kids, and still won’t live in NYC).

One chapter I enjoyed a lot was “On Rapture”, in which she talks about the rapture and joy she feels when she reads an absolutely wonderful book. And how she completely resents every minute she has to spend in the real world, because she wants to get back to reading that  amazing book. I totally get that! I love it when I find a book like that. Plus, there’s a chapter near the end that is just a couple pages of her little tidbits of wisdom – which  are both funny, but some are serious too, and all of them invoke the importance of living life to the fullest.

Also, this book really did cheer me up a bit. I’m almost definitely better-looking now than I will be when I’m in my 60’s. I say almost definitely because I’m hoping to be one of those cool old-ish ladies with long, straight white hair and funky glasses. Keeping my fingers crossed!

And now, for my favorite quote of the whole book:
“The other day I actually lost a piece of cheese in my apartment.”


Sarah Says: 3 stars



  1. I’m glad the book was able to help you get out of your funk! And don’t worry, you’re not alone there.

    I remember reading a couple chapters from this book while in a bookstore (it is a quick read…) and it being funny, but I can see what you mean about it being better when you’re older. Except that Rapture story, which sounds good for everyone.


  2. I’m sort of starting to understand how a piece of cheese does get lost in my house now too (at the age of 45). Something just sort of happens to the memory that keeps track of cheese.

    And I predict you will be back to feeling fabulous in just a few days time and I also predict you will be funky old lady.


  3. Hey Sarah. I just read this book, too. My favorite line was, “If anyone young is reading this, go, right this minute, put on a bikini, and don’t take it off until you’re thirty-four.” I wish I had done that :).


    1. LOL I laughed out loud at that too! I think I even read that part outloud to my boyfriend, who was looking at me puzzled because I was laughing while reading.


  4. While I’m not yet 60 (a bit over a decade to go for that), I can so totally sympathize with the “young women don’t appreciate what they have while they have it” sentiment. I find myself thinking that quite often – the lovely high breasts, the as-yet-unmarked legs with the muscles showing right under the skin, the bouncy hair … ah! to go back just a few years with the knowledge I have now! 🙂 This sounds like a witty read!


    1. I’m not even out of my twenties yet, but I still think that way! I look at old pictures of myself from a decade ago and think “Why didn’t I realize how good I had it?”
      Maybe that’s a common problem, we never appreciate what we have when we have it.


  5. Oh dear. Maybe I need this book – I have definitely been having one of those “I don’t feel pretty!” weeks too. One of those weeks where all my clothes seem tighter every day and all I want is some FREAKING CHOCOLATE!! Maybe this book is a better answer, haha. And just so you know you are GORGEOUS so you don’t need to have any more of those days. 🙂


    1. Right back at ya 🙂
      But the book still helps, and I recommend reading it WITH the chocolate. That’s a win-win solution!


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