Two Mini-Reviews

So, for those of you that know me or have been following my blog awhile, you know that I dislike e-readers and I’m not a fan of the whole e-book movement. I really, really prefer IRL paper books. And I will always be willing to spend more on a paper book than on an e-book. Seriously, if I have the choice to buy either of these books in paperback form, even though they’re super short stories, I’d do it. I’d pay regular mass market paperback price. Because I’m weird like that.

There are two authors that I am a big fan of that have put out short stories that are only available in e-book format. Jesse Petersen recently published a short story about the big-shot media during the zombie apocalypse, and Heather Webber put out a short story about one of my favorite romance characters, Lucy Valentine.

And because I adore these authors and really wanted to read these stories, I downloaded Kindle-for-PC onto the laptop and bought these e-books. They only cost me $3 total, but again I would’ve paid more if I could buy them in paper copies. Anyways, here are my mini-reviews for these mini e-books.

I adore Jesse Petersen’s Living With the Dead series, and this book takes place in the same zombie-apocalypse setting but with different characters. Avery Andrews is a tv director, and is filming a telethon to get people to donate money going to research for “The Outbreak”. It appears that some sort of sickness starting in the Northwest and is heading for L.A., but it couldn’t actually reach the city of stars, could it?

I liked Avery, the main character. She had a cool head on her shoulders, and it was interesting to see one person’s perspective on the walking dead reaching such a major city. Also, we get to see a little bit more about the zombie outbreak – symptoms, the time frame it takes to change, etc. Definitely worth the read if you enjoy the Living With the Dead series.

Heather Webber’s series about Lucy Valentine is adorable. (These are cute romance novels about a girl with unusual psychic abilities solving mysteries and trying to date her handsome co-worker.) This mini-book is a short scene in which Lucy shares with her best friends just exactly how she thought she lost her inherent psychic ability, but then rediscovered that it wasn’t lost, just changed. It was nice to get the specifics on that, and to visit Lucy while I’m waiting for a new novel in the series.

These e-books were so short that I’m not going to do my usual star rating on them. But I enjoyed them both, and they were welcome additions to some of my favorite series. If you haven’t read anything by these authors before, I highly recommend them.

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