Mini-Readathon #2!

So before we get to the 2nd mini-challenge, here’s my little update:

– read two short stories on Kindle-for-PC (Definitely, Maybe by Heather Webber and Shambling With the Stars by Jesse Petersen)
– also about halfway through a PDF file of In the Dead; Volume 1 by Jesse Petersen, which is a collection of short stories
– that amounts to about 80 pages (for the Kindle app, I just counted each click as a page, and I’m going by the number of pages displayed in this PDF file). It would be more, but reading on the computer screen is starting to hurt my eyes so I need to take a little break every 20 minutes or so to re-focus.

So – the next challenge!

This challenge is inspired in part by a comment Bookbelle left on one of my blog posts not too long ago, as well as my sister Heather. Both mentioned that they were going to try to participate as much as they can today… but how to distract those pesky kids so that they can read in peace???

Now being the lucky, young girl that I am I have no kiddos of my own. And therefore this is never a problem for me. But I know that lots of you guys have little ones to watch at home, so this is for you guys!

Here’s the challenge: Leave a comment on this post with ways to keep kids busy while you get your read on. You can list as many ideas as you want, but only one comment per person will be counted as an entry for the prizes at the end.

You suggestions can be serious, such as…

“Send them to gradma’s house for the day.”

OR they can be silly, such as…

“Give them a big ol’ dose of Benadryl and knock them out for a few hours.”

I’m really excited to see the stuff you guys can come up with! Parents, feel free to jot down the ideas you like for future readathon use πŸ™‚ And feel free to tweet your ideas too, just for funsies.

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  1. Send them outside with a stack of books and tell them not to come back until it's dark. (My gram did this to me)Have a contest to see who can make the best chair fort. Once inside yours, start reading!


  2. Tell them to read George's Marvelous Medicine and then create their own, which really just consists of shoving as much random crap in a bottle as you can.Whoever wins the Quiet Game gets two dollars.


  3. Here you go:Well, they slept until 10:00 a.m., we've had one major fight which left me yelling at them and then they just disappeared into the basement to play their x-box. So here's my list:1. Let them sleep! (Mistake No. 1 cuz I woke them up to eat);2. When an argument starts, start humming or singing the most annoying song you can think of over and over again. That usually clears a room pretty fast.3. Sit on them until they beg to leave the room.4. Send them to the store for candy.5. Send them to the pool. I have #4 and #5 left in my bag of tricks and it's still early….They are now back up in the living room throwing barbs back and forth across the room.Wish me luck!


  4. Would it still work if you gave the kids PEZ toys or tin soldiers to play with? As an only child I could distract myself playing army/family/school/choir with PEZ toys for hours when I was a kid. But I guess that was in another age:)


  5. My only little one is 11, so he pretty much entertains himself, but what I'm doing today is:1. Allow them to play video games for as long as they want2. Have microwave food on hand and snacks already prepared3. Have their favorite movies handy and let them eat popcorn in the living room!


  6. Ooh, fun! I'm not really entering for the giveaway, but wanted to join in nonetheless.1. Tell them Santa has summerelves spying ahead and if they don't leave mom alone they won't get any presents.2. Cover their backs with jam and then put them sticky side first on their bed.3. Tell them that if they dig a hole in the backyard they can have a trampoline to cover it.4. Steal someone's puppy and let the kids play with it.I have a feeling these things are probably not considered to be good parenting though πŸ˜‰


  7. @Daisy – I'm LOVING suggestion #1!!Here are my suggestions (and I have two young kids!)1. Send them to the mall playplace with Daddy.2. Take them over to Grandma and Papas house so they can swim in the pool.3. Send them to their rooms and tell them to read (this works with my 6 yr old, not so much with my 3 year old.)4. Tie them to each other and put them in a pool filled with pudding. (OK, I'm kidding. Sort of.)


  8. Lol. I don't have kids, but I will try.1. Give them games to play (board games, video games etc.)2. Give them a lot of junk food to eat.3. Send them off to their friends' place


  9. I don't have kids but I would have to send them away somewhere, I'm sure, probably to grandma's or at least to someone who knows anything about children. If I had to keep them with me, I definitely wouldn't give them any kind of sugar, because that sounds like a baaad idea! I would probably let them stay in bed alll day (that's a treat, right?!) or failing that, let them readalong with me! I definitely hope I have bookish kids πŸ™‚


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