>Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen (Living With the Dead 3)


*Sigh…* I love this series. This is the third book in the Living With the Dead series, and it’s awesome. Perfect funny, fluffy, reading with a bit of gore. Seriously, if you like zombie movies like Zombieland, or Shaun of the Dead… this will be perfect for you. Like the cover says, the series is a romantic comedy, but takes place amidst a bunch of zombie-killin’. But warning, there will be a bit of spoilers so read the other books in the series first.

So the book starts off where the last one ended – Sarah and David are slowly making there way to the rumored “Midwest Wall” in Illinois, where apparently the zombie outbreak hasn’t reached. They’re also in possession of a small vial of The Cure – it saved David from being zombified in the last book, and they’re hoping that they can get it into good hands at the Wall. Things get a little more complicated when they meet entertainment reporter Nicole, and doped-up, ex-rockstar Colin McCray. While the foursome are trying to escape hordes of zombies and cults, Sarah notices David’s stranges new habits… like that he doesn’t bleed and can lift really heavy crap. Uh oh….

So, this book was hilarious and great and oh-my-gawd I hope it’s not the last Sarah & David book. Sarah is funny, snarky, and pretty kick-ass while also remaining human and compassionate. David is sweet and funny, and there were a lot of sweet/funny/worrisome moments throughout the book. And I have to say that after all the crap they went through in the previous two books, it was nice that they found more friends than psychos in this one. At least for the most part.

Also, the cursing in this book cracks me up. For example, this little passage…

“Our eyes met and despite the fact that we’d been sniping at each other a bit, the connection between us was stronger than ever. He got me, he got my autopilot reaction of going bitchcakes when I got scared because it was the only way I could function without falling apart. And I got him, too.”

Yup, bitchcakes. Seriously if that doesn’t make you want to read this series, I don’t know what will.

Sarah Says: 4 stars!

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