>Summer Mini-Readathon Reminder! And some updates!


You guys! The Mini-Readathon is only TWELVE DAYS away! So here’s a little recap, reminder, update thingamajig…

    • Will take place on Sunday, July 10th for any 12 hour block of your choosing. I am reading from 10 AM to 10 PM Eastern time.
  • There will be five mini-challenges, one of which will be hosted by the fabulous Jenn from Booksessed. I am SO excited to have Jenn hosting one of the challenges!


  • Taking part in the 5 mini-challenges will get you up to five entries to win one of the three gift card prizes!


  • First winner will receive a $30 Amazon gift card.


  • Two second prize winners will each receive a $10 Amazon gift card.


  • There will also be a BONUS mini-challenge & giveaway, held by my wonderful sister Heather at All You Need Designs. Heather not only designed my blog, she also makes awesome handmade jewelry, bookmarks, and more. If you take part in her bonus challenge, you’ll be entered to win a beaded bookmark made by her! She’s going to make one especially reading-themed to giveaway, but visit her very successful Etsy shop for some examples!


I know this is a lot more low-key than other Readathons. It’s shorter so that you don’t burn out. It has fewer mini-challenges so that you can focus on reading. There’s not a bajillion giveaways and prizes, because for the most part this is all coming out of my pocket. And because I want people to participate because they want to read, not just because they want to win free stuff.

I’m really looking forward to this! I already have several books in mind to work on throughout the readathon. And I’m really, really excited to have Jenn & Heather helping out too. Please visit here to sign up if you haven’t already joined.

See you guys on the July 10th!




  1. >This reminds me- I have to choose some books soon (like that would be difficult;)) – the tough part will be deciding where to start/continue reading. Can't wait:)


  2. >I'll be there dude. What do I do? Do I just check your blog from time to time or how do I know when these challenge things will come up? I will probably read anywhere from 4 to 4 or 6 to 6 as I anticipate getting up very early! I'm new at this!


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