>Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon


So, my re-read of the second novel in the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber. My god I love this series. And the first two novels are my favorite πŸ™‚ Outlander ends with Claire telling Jamie that she’s pregnant, and they decide to set off for France in hopes of preventing the Battle of Culloden and saving thousands of Scottish lives.

The book starts off kind of confusing – it’s 1968, and Claire and her daughter Brianna are in Scotland, visiting Roger Wakefield (the son of an acquaintance from book one). When I first read this series (I can’t believe it’s only been about 4 years since then!), I was confused and thought that maybe I didn’t have the right book. But keep reading – Claire has brought Brianna to Scotland to tell her who her father is. And from there the book picks up where Outlander left off. Claire and Jamie are France, constantly trying to prevent the slaughter of thousands of Highlanders. From plots and courtly intrigues in France, to danger in England and Scotland, there are plenty of plot twists, action, and big surprises that make this probably the most exciting novel in the series.

I actually might like this book even MORE than I like Outlander, for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that we learn so much about Claire and Jamie. They’re together for the majority of the book, and it’s so nice to see their early married life. They also go through a LOT of heart-wrenching hell. This is my third time reading this book, and the ending STILL makes me cry.

Another reason this might be my absolute favorite of the whole series is that it introduces SO many characters critical to the rest of the series. My favorite are the introduction of Master Raymond- a knowledgable apothecary in Paris, and Fergus – the 9-year old French pickpocket that Jamie hires. These are two fantastic characters (and Gabaldon has hinted about novellas revolving around Raymond, which I would love). Also important are Brianna and Roger.

And of course, if you like historical fiction then you’ll eat this up. You’ll learn A LOT about the Jacobites, and the events leading up the The Battle of Culloden, 1745.

Basically, you HAVE to read this series. It’s amazing. I am so in love with Jamie & Claire. So much so that every year for Christmas, the honeyman gets me a piece of Outlander jewelry from http://theauthorsattic.com/. The first he gave me was the replica of Claire’s wedding ring from Jamie. I wear it every day :o)
Now that I’ve finished re-reading this one, I REALLY feel like starting my re-read of book three; Voyager. I think I have to read a couple other books first though. At least it’ll give me something to look forward to!

Sarah Says: 5 huge freaking stars.


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  1. >I love this series too! I have read the first two. And look forward to reading the rest. I can easily see why it would be worthy of a re-read.


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