>Mini-Readathon Update: Challenge Prizes


OKAY, so after a lot of consideration (and by that I mean the last half hour or so), I’ve decided how I want to do the prizes for my Summer Mini-Readathon.

Now, there will 5 be mini-challenges in that 12-hour block. I’ll post one every 3 hours – so one at the beginning, three in the middle, and one at the end for a total of five.

You don’t have to do them right away. The point of the readathon is to get some reading done, right? So since it’s taking place on Sunday, July 10th – you’ll have until 6 PM (Eastern) on Monday July 11th to post the links / complete the mini-challenges you feel like doing. Cause I’m nice like that. I’ll pick winners and announce them on Tuesday, July 12th.

Each challenge you complete is an entry for the prize, so you can potentially earn yourself 5 entries. Awesomeness, right?

I’ll be picking three winners via random.org.

1st winner – $30 Amazon e-gift card
2nd & 3rd place winners – $10 Amazon e-gift card each

So I’ll be giving away a total of $50 in prizes. The cool thing? With e-gift cards, you don’t need to give me your mailing address, just an email address. Plus, this comes out of my own pocket, so I save on shipping costs too and therefore can give cool prizes like this, that are exciting for anybody.

Here’s the link to go sign-up! You don’t wanna miss it. I promise.

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  1. >Bummer…I thought this was going to be on a Saturday…Guess I'll have to pass on participating in the challenge. Saturday's are my do nothing day…haha


  2. >Sarah: This will be my first readathon. What is a challenge? I'm really excited to do this. I put your button on the top of my blog. But do tell, what is a challenge?


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