>A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

> So, this is book #2 in the series A Song of Ice and Fire. I have to say, that’s a crappy series name. Too long. Anyways, so keep in mind that there *may be some slight spoilers ahead*. So read A Game of Thrones first! I won’t go too much into detail, because it’s hard to do with such an epic story with like 60 different storylines. Okay, not that many but you get what I’m saying.

Man if I thought that the first book was full of plots and courtly intrigues, this one is has about ten times more. Seriously, there are a lot of balls in the air in this one. War is breaking out all over the place – suddenly there are FOUR KINGS battling for power. Plus, war is brewing beyond that Wall, where there are like creepy zombies and other magical stuff.

What also becomes obvious in this book is that Martin is careful not to give any of the possible kings a P.O.V. There are NINE different P.O.V.s in this book, and none of them are kings. Daenerys is possibly the only exception here, because she wants to come back to Westeros and take the throne… but I’m guessing that she’s not a real contender for the throne because she’s a woman. Maybe she doesn’t realize it, but by giving her a P.O.V. I think Martin’s saying that she’ll have to marry a man and attempt to rule through him if she wants to be in power, because these peeps wouldn’t stand to be ruled by a chick.

OK, so here’s a break-down of character P.O.V’s…

    • Sansa – Still annoying and helpless.
  • Arya – LOVE her. She’s bad-ass, especially for someone so young. Can’t wait to see how her story goes as she gets older.


  • Bran – Still seems older than 9 or so, but liking him more. He’s less whiny, and gains some interesting abilities.


  • Jon – Still an awesome guy, still serving the Night Watch. I feel bad for him… he’s completely cut off from his family.


  • Catelyn – I hope she gets cut out of the next book. Her P.O.V. is only useful as an occasional telling of how Robb is doing in the war. Otherwise it’s just her whining about missing her kids and how she has to do her duty, blah blah blah.


  • Tyrion – LOVE the Imp. He’s crazy smart and tricky and always plotting. Love that he seems to really love Shae, I hope she doesn’t screw him over.


  • Daenerys – She’s had a tough time. I liked her more in the last book… her ambition to try to become ruler in Westeros is annoying and seems pointless… And she’s still only like 15 or 16.


  • Theon – New POV to the story – He sucks. I hate him. He was a “ward” (hostage kind-of) of Eddard Stark, but grew up among the Starks for 10 years. He’s an evil jerk. He’s a dick towards women and screws over EVERYONE and I can’t stand him.


  • Davos – New POV to the story – Like Catelyn, he was likable but boring and only served as useful to know what was going on with King Stannis.


As you may have noticed, Eddard Stark is the only P.O.V. missing from the last book. If you read it, you know why.

So that’s basically it. I really want to start the third book, A Storm of Swords, but I need to get some other reading done first. Maybe by the end of the month I’ll be able to get to it. It’s already waiting on my shelf πŸ™‚

Sarah Says: 4 stars

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  1. >I've read the first book a year ago and have yet to read this one.. Your review makes me want to get to it really soon! And I'm sad again about Lord Eddard 😦


  2. >I just reread this one and I can't decide if I like this one or Game of Thrones better. The first is a touch more innocent, but there's something in the darker tone of this one that I do prefer. (And I can't stand Theon either!)


  3. >This series does sound more and more intriguing. I'm going to try it out. I hope it is not too confusing with all the different P.O.V.-s, though.


  4. >I've been hearing all the buzz about the TV series but haven't read any of the books – I think I will have to! Thanks for the review & helping those of us who are sadly still clueless :D.


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