The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole


OK… I can’t believe I’m trying out this series. Paranormal romance that borders on erotica isn’t really my cup of tea. However, an acquaintance / friend really loves this series and we kind of traded some books of each other’s to try. So you know… that’s my excuse.

Also, in all fairness, this isn’t a whole book. It’s a 180-ish page short story featured in a collection of erotica called Playing Easy to Get. So I’m hoping that this means the rest of the series isn’t quite to sex-heavy, and that there will be a better plot in the next book since there will be at least twice the number of pages.

So, this is the start of the Immortals After Dark series. Basically there are groups of supernatural beings that make up The Lore, which is basically a way of saying various supernatural beings. Two of those groups are Vampires and Valkyrie, both immortal.

From what I gathered in this story, two factions in the Vampires are warring – the Vampire Horde versus the Forebearers. Essentially the vamps in the Horde are kind of insane from drinking their victims to death – their eyes turn red and they go insane from the accumulated memories of all of their victims. The Forebearer vamps are humans turned into vampires who don’t drink blood from any living being because they’re afraid of going insane. Also, vampires walk around completely undead until “blooded” by their pre-destined Bride. Essentially meeting this chickadee will make a vamps heart start beating, and their blood will start flowing again. Ummmm… for lack of a classier way to say this – a vamp can’t pitch a tent in his pants until he meets his Bride, and then can only get “relief” from her. Also, I can’t tell if there are female vamps or not… it didn’t really mention in the book.

Little was really said about the Valkyrie – they’re comprised of some bad-ass women, they like to kill vampires and ghouls. They’re also really mesmerized by shiny objects, which seems like a very silly weakness. Oh, and they feed off of electricity, like lightening.

Anyways…. Wroth is a Vampire who discovers the Valkyrie Myst in a dungeon when his army overtakes a castle. They flirt a little, trying to figure out who the other is. Not surprisingly, Myst is apparently his Bride because he gets “blooded”. She apparently has made a career out of blooding vampires (and then killing them – badass!), but she doesn’t. Instead, she ditches him for the next 5 years. Again, unsurprisingly, he finds her and blah, blah, blah they suppose they’re meant to be together and will go against the grain to stay together.

Again, not the best story but the plot isn’t the main point of this short story. The point is all the doin‘ it. Now I like romance novels and sexy scenes don’t really make me blush or anything, but these scenes were too frequent and vulgar for my cup of tea. I don’t really think that name-calling, violence, or being magically forced to do things is sexy. Call me crazy, but whatever.

Gross sex-stuff aside, I can see why the paranormal aspects attract some readers. The author is almost as crazy as Stephanie Meyer in her deciding to make up some weird-ass paranormal character traits. Luckily, there’s no sparkling vamps but some of the stuff is still kind of out-of-the-blue. But, it’s different. If immortal beings were written the same way in every book it wouldn’t be such an uber-popular genre, right?

Also, I really liked the character of Myst. She was really snarky and I love snark. For instance, one quote:

Wroth: “You’re the most malicious bitch I’ve ever known.”
Myst: “Flatterer.”

That’s a good example of the name-calling I was referring to, but anyways. I like that Myst is snarky and kind of crazy and a totally bad-ass warrior. I actually wish that her character hadn’t been wasted in this little novella, cause she was pretty great. Wroth on the other hand was okay… nothing special really made him stand out.

I can’t believe I’ve gone this in-depth here. Anyways, it was okay. I’m hoping that the second ACTUAL book, A Hunger Like No Other, will be better. Hopefully more plot, more character development, and less focus on the hankypanky. I’ll probably be disappointed, but we’ll see.

Sarah Says: 2.5 stars – 2 for Myst, and .5 for inventive paranormal world-creation

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  1. >Great review! I agree with you on all the points. I din't like all the sex an vulgarity either, but Myst is great. I didn't start the series with this short story but with the Hunger Like No other and I can tell you it gets better, there is less sex and vulgarity and much better plot and you learn a lot more about Valkyrie and other creatures. I hope you stick with reading because the third book is even more better in terms of characters and the plot.I wonder about the fourth…


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