>Mini-Readathon, Anyone?



OKAYS, so here’s the dealio – I was sitting at work today, and instead of focusing on my book I was thinking about how cool it is that I’ve read 10 books so far in April. And then I was thinking how that was in part to the awesome Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon on 4/9. And then I was thinking that I wanted to do my own little readathon, but that I suck at trying to do it for 24 hours and that I don’t want to do it all by my lonesome. I was doing an awful lot of thinking, and so here’s my idea…. Hosting a little 12-Hour Readathon here at Sarah Says in July!

Now, I’ve never hosted something like this before and I don’t know EXACTLY what it would involve, but here’s my ideas so far:
~12 hours long, on a Sunday in early July (Why July? Because people aren’t in school, and are on vacation, and because it’s exactly 3 month in between the April and October 24-hour readathons).
~ That would be ANY 12 hours on that Sunday – I don’t care when you start or end – sometimes our schedules just don’t work out that way. So choose whatever 12-hour block works for you.
~ I’m thinking maybe 4 or 5 mini-challenges along the way – fewer challenges means fewer distractions, which means more reading!
~ And either a small prize for each mini-challenge, or each mini-challenge will count as an entry to one bigger prize at the end.
~ No cheerleading or anything like that, since it’s a shorter time and so that we can all focus on reading instead.
~ And I’m thinking MAYBE doing like #minireadathon hashtag updates on Twitter, if you were so inclined.
So, the thing is that that I need to know if any of you lovely peeps out there would be interested in doing this with me! I figured it’d be worth it if I had at least ten or so people out there willing to join in.
Please see the poll on the left-hand side and vote yea or nay on the mini-readathon idea. If I get at least ten yes’s, then it’s ON and I’ll start planning and posting info within the next few weeks. If no, well then I’ll be doing my own lonely little private readathon anyways, but this would be funner :o)

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  1. >I'm all in! I'm thrilled to be able to participate, because for the past few years I've had to work every single Sunday, and usually I'd have to request the day off to do this (like I always request off for Dewey's Readathon, and yes, my bosses know exactly why I'm taking off and think it's "cute"), but starting this May, I get get my Sundays off! So 12 hour Readathon? Yup, I'm there! 🙂


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