Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2) by Charlaine Harris

> Yup, I read book two already. Warning, there will probably be spoilers.

Once again, I like season two of True Blood better than I liked this book. In both, the storyline is just kind of messy, but it’s more so in the short book-version.

In this book, a mysterious creature called a maenad comes to Bon Temps and attacks Sookie, as a message to Eric. In an unrelated matter, Eric convinces Sookie and Bill to go to Dallas for him, so that she can use her mind-reading to find a missing vampire. Also, one of the employees at Merlotte’s is found dead in Andy’s car, and Sookie eventually works on trying to find out who’s responsible for that as well, mainly by attending an orgy.

I liked this book less than book #1 for a couple reasons. One is that Sookie was more annoying to me in this one… a bit more air-headed and nonchalant about things. There was also a lot more sex, which just seemed like wasted time. Yes, I get that Sookie and Bill have an erotic relationship – instead of the constant examples, I wish Harris had spent more time on the plot. The maenad really has no connection to anything important – she’s more of a mild annoyance. Eric’s interest in the Dallas vampire didn’t feel real, although there was a lot of Eric-and-Sookie flirting, which I loved. I really like Eric, so I liked almost all of his parts. And pretty much all of the action at the Fellowship of the Sun was skipped over.

Some good things about this book? Tara finally makes an appearance, we get a glimpse of other shifters and werewolves, the Fellowship of the Sun is introduced, and woot! for more Eric time. But otherwise, the storyline is kind of a mess. I love what the tv show added to it, because they made everything fit together more coherently.

Anyhoo, I want to start the third book, but I’m going to wait. I’ve only seen half of season three and since I watch it with my boyfriend, I’m going to wait and watch it on DVD next month, and then I’ll read the book afterwards.

Sarah Says: 2 stars

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  1. >It's fascinating to read a different opinion from mine. You make good points, though. I agree with you on sex, but that was the same in True Blood and at least I don't have to "watch" that in the book. Another thing I missed in the TV show and liked in the book was Bill's history. Great review! I'm hoping to start book three soon too, but I want to read it before watching the third season of True Blood.


  2. >I finished the entire series last year but am just now getting around to watching the series. I have to say that I do like the TV series better than the books. Tara is hilarious, and Lafayette is also a great character. I am not a fan of TV Bill, but TV Eric is definitely growing on me. It took me a while to like him in the books too. I can't wait to finish the second season with my husband and get to the third season. Alcide!


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