>Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie


OK, just gonna say it – I LOVE Bet me. This is probably my third or fourth time reading it, although I believe it’s the first time I’m reviewing it here.

Min Dobbs and Cal Morrisey meet as a result of a bet – her jerk of an ex-boyfriend bets him that he can’t get Min to go to dinner with him. Cal always wins the bets he makes and sure enough they go to dinner. But dinner doesn’t quite go as planned – Min doesn’t respond to Cal’s normal charming lines, and Cal accidentally elbows her in the face. After dinner they tell each other to have a nice life and go their separate ways. Fate however seems to keep throwing them together, and slowly but surely they develop an attraction, a friendship, and then a true love. This is the first romance book I ever read, and it’s still my absolute favorite. In all fairness, it doesn’t even seem to belong in the romance category – there’s not a ton of sex, there’s a great cast of characters, it’s funny… it seems more like fiction to me. But anyways.

Min is a GREAT main character. She’s self-conscious about her weight (she’s kinda chubby), but she’s also smart enough to know she doesn’t deserve to be treated crappily. She’s snarky and witty and has a sweet-side. And she has some great best friends – Liza is tall, skinny, and kind of shark-like; she likes change, and is a bit of pessimest. Bonnie is the exact opposite – a short blonde pixie-ish woman, who believes in fairy tales. I honestly wish I had a little group of friends this awesome.

Cal is also one of the best male characters I’ve seen in a romance. He has the whole dark & chiseled look going on, and he’s been known to date and dump a lot of women (though cheating is not in his history, so he’s not a man-slut). He’s runs a business with her two best friends Roger and Tony, and he’s a bit of a gambler but he’s good at it. Not like casino gambling mind you, but he likes to make bets. He’s a total softie on the inside, and had a lot more depth than Min initially gives him credit for. And he makes her feel sexy. His friends are awesome too – Roger is big and lovable and instantly has the hots for Bonnie. And Tony is a big manly-man who likes his life nice and uncomplicated. Again, a great little group.

Throw in some great shoes, interferring exes, kid’s baseball, mangy cats, and lots of chicken marsala and voila! You’ve got Bet Me. And if my rambling hasn’t convinced you how awesome this book is, know this: I got my boyfriend to read it, and even HE really liked it. He gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.

Sarah Says: 5 stars!

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