When Harry Met Molly by Kiernan Kramer


Normally, I’m very hesitant to try new romance authors. However, I came across this one at the library – the title caught my eye, and Julia Quinn’s blurb on the cover convinced me to borrow it.

Molly is a feisty daughter of an earl, who has been closeted away in strict schools for the last 8 years. She’s dying to escape from that boring life, and means to elope with a friend of the family’s when her plans go awry.

Harry is the son of a duke, who had a career in the army but ran into a disgraceful situation. He’s back home and spending time sleeping around with any compromisable woman. He and his friends are sick of being chased by scheming mamas and maids trying to get married, and therefore are sucked into a wager – they must each bring a mistress to a weeklong event, and the man whose mistress is voted most “delectable” will get to avoid being chased into marriage for one whole year.

Harry and Molly hate each other. However, they’re thrown together when Molly’s intended abandons her, and when Harry’s mistress abandons him. Harry agrees to be Molly’s chaperone home if she’ll first join him for a week pretend to be his mistress. If he doesn’t show up with a mistress, he’ll have to marry someone ASAP. Molly agrees, and if she wins, Harry will have to find her a suitable husband. And course, they start to feel a spark between them.

I’m getting kind of bored with historical romances. They all seem to follow this basic formula:
feisty, beautiful girl + handsome, rich horndog = romance blooms unexpectedly

So while I kind of liked Molly, she seemed very much just the typical romance main character. Of course, this book did have it’s differences. Molly befriends several other mistresses (aka whores), for example. And there’s a hateful, evil little man involved in the bet that of course makes matters more difficult. If you really dig historical romances, this will probably be just your kind of thing. For me, it was okay but a little predictable.

Sarah Says: 3 stars

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