>Happy Book Blogger Hop!


Book Blogger Hop

This Friday is kind of extra special, because it turns out that the Blogger Hop is now over 1 year old! Happy Birthday Blog Hop!!! This is hosted weekly by Jen at Crazy-For-Books, visit the link to join in!

This week’s question is:
“Do you read only one book at a time, or do you have several going at once?”

My answer:

I personally only like to read one book at a time. I like to be sucked into the story, and I don’t want one book interfering with my thoughts / feelings towards another book.

That being said though, I do occasionally break down and start reading two or three at a time. This usually happens because I’m…
a) bored with one book.
b) excited to start a new release ASAP.
c) too overwhelmed with the bajillion books I want to or should be reading.

What usually ends up happening when I read more than one book is that I end up ditching at least one of them, because it’s boring me, or I’m no longer in the mood to keep reading it. So, I try to avoid this little problem and only give my attention to one book at a time. Much simpler that way :o)

What about you? Are you book – monogamous? Are do you like to read more than one?

Also, before you leave, take a look at the choices for April’s reads and vote!

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  1. >Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I agree, sometimes we just need that second (or third) book to fix a spell of boredom. I'm having that problem right now with a classical book I've been reading since January… ugh.


  2. >Coming through on the blog hop.I have no problem reading two books at a time though it does not happen often. I generally like to finish one and then start another


  3. >I have an almost identical habit–boredom or excitement tends to make me shift gears into another book. It depends on how much attention I want to give to a book I'm reading (if it deserves it or not :D). Have a great weekend!


  4. >friday hop and i hoped on over to your blog. Nice. so unless there is new release excitement, boredom with other reading, or a bujillion book pile you will do ONE book, see, me…hop by.


  5. >Not everyone can multi-task and nobody should. When it comes to book sure, I can't read four books simultaneously (or even two, for that matter!) but there are times I'll juggle as many as four books at a time depending on the subject matter, the urgency or more often both.The real trick to this is what KINDS of books to juggle. Hop on over to my blog and learn the method behind my madness – http://www.howardshermannetHoward Shermanhttp://www.howardsherman.net


  6. >No sooner than I said I am monogamous and I find myself with 3 books started! Here comes the panic. I'll see if I can finish one today, hurry up to finish the next by Wednesday and then resume the one that started in the first place. ugh.


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