The Beetle and Me: A Love Story by Karen Romano Young


I’ll be honest – I totally ONLY picked up this book because it’s about a VW Beetle. (I drive a new yellow one, and I absolutely love it). I was browsing around in the YA section at the library, saw this, and grabbed it immediately.

Daisy is 15, and just learning to drive. She has grown up in a family of mechanics – even her aunt is a mechanic. She’s been saving money for years doing oil changes, and now she’s trying to figure out how to get her own car. Then she remembers her dad’s 1957 purple Beetle that hasn’t ran in years, and that he’s been using pretty much for parts. She makes a deal with her parents – if she can fix up the Beetle, then she can have it.

I really liked the parts with Daisy and her fixing up her Beetle. She develops such a fondness for the car. Plus, it was awesome to read about a 15 year old girl who really knows her way around a car – she can take an engine apart and put it together again.

Despite how much I liked Daisy, this book didn’t do much for me. The focus seemed to be on Daisy trying to find a boyfriend, and the relationships between her and some of her guy friends wasn’t always clear. She couldn’t decide who she liked, who liked her, etc. It was kind of frustrating, and the end wasn’t very satisfying.

Overall, Daisy’s a cute character and I love that the Beetle was such a big part of the story. But the story itself could have been done better, especially for a book subtitled “A Love Story”.

Sarah Says: 2.5 stars

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