>Hell yes! It’s ma birthday – giveaway!



OK, so in honor of turning the big 2-4 today, I thought it’d be fun to do another giveaway. The prize? $15 e-gift card to Borders.com. Why not Amazon, like last time, you say? Well, as much as I do love Amazon, I don’t think they’re ever going away… and since Borders is all suffering financially, I thought it’d be nice to support them. I’m lucky that the two in my area aren’t closing, and I REALLY don’t want all of the Borders to close. Also, I’ve ordered from Borders.com before and was really pleased – it arrived quickly, and they have pretty decent online prices. Plus you get points to your Borders Rewards account, if you have one!

Anyhoo, because I’m literally thinking this up as I’m typing, and I wanna go jump in the shower so I can start my birthday festivities, I’m making this simple.

Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this page, telling me how YOU like to celebrate YOUR birthdays.

  • Only one comment per person, please, because you only get one entry. The winner will be announced on Friday, March 4th, here on my blog.
  • You must see the announcement on my blog and email me at Β within 24 hours of my post, or I’ll announce a new winner.
  • Oh yeah, winners will be selected either random.org or names-in-a-bowl style. Haven’t decided yet. Either way, I’ll post pictures.
  • Once the winnner emails me, I’ll email them the $15 Borders e-gift card.

OK, that’s it, start entering folks!

*** Oh yeah, also, I’ve finally reached 100 followers! 105, actually :o) Because of the crazy awesomeness of this, I’m hoping to do my first IMM vlog sometime next week! Keep an eye out for my super-shy vlog debut! And thanks for all the peeps that think my little blog is worth following, I little-numerical-heart you guys!


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  1. >Well, since I've had way more birthdays than you have had, I'll just give you a few of my best ones: At 19 I hopped a plane to Chicago for the weekend with my best buddy. 30 was spent on a getaway completely planned by my husband (this is the weekend we decided we were going to start a family). 31 was spent at my first son's baptism party (he was 1 month old). 32 I was 9 months pregnant with my 2nd son and 43 was spent in the Boundary Waters at the coolest resort where my 3 men catered to my every whim. Life is good. Enjoy your very special day and live it up cuz you're only 24 once!


  2. >Oh, I liked 24. It was a fun year! My birthday is two days before Christmas. Usually we just celebrate with a small family party, because two days later, we'll be seeing everyone else for for christmas anyways! Once I requested to celebrate my birthday in July at the Ren Faire. That was fun!~Brookehttp://brookesboxofbooks.blogspot.com


  3. >Happy birthday! πŸ™‚ I hope it's a good one! To be perfectly honest, I have spent the last four years celebrating my birthday with FINALS. Finals have fallen on my birthday every single year. But this year, graduation falls on my birthday, so it is going to be the best day ever. :)And thanks for supporting Borders! As a Borders employee, I can tell you that we all appreciate it. πŸ™‚


  4. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have an awesome celebration!My birthday celebration with the hubs is usually going to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, then going to Barnes & Noble afterwards. One year, I invited two of our nephews to go along with us and asked the hubs as part of my gift that they also each get to pick out a book (they both like to read). Such a fun day!!


  5. >I love celebrating my birthday with just close friends and family. Not huge things but a small party where everyone can just hang out and eat tons of food and cake!lilazncutie1215[at]yahoo[dot]com


  6. >well I like to celebrate my birthdays going out to eat and going to see a movie just having a fun mellow day!!!And Im glad the Borders around here is not closing either we only have like one book store close by geez that was a close one!!!ashtreygonesmokeya@yahoo.com


  7. >We celebrated my 30th at Cheesecake factory with friends and family, and it was more then I could ask for!! Hope you had a great Birthday!! I'm really enjoying reading your blog, keep up the good work!! Please stop by my blog and follow me!


  8. >Hope you had a terrific birthday! How nice of you to pick Borders to support them. I'm not going to enter because I'm so bad about getting blogs read on a timely basis but it's sure nice of you to give away a gift on your big day!


  9. >Thanks for this giveaway! To celebrate my birthday I like to spend time with friends and family – dinner and a movie or games at home usually. Sometimes dinner out at a favorite place.


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