>Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Love Stories

> Yay, it’s Tuesday! This Tuesday is extra-awesome because I’m eating the chocolate that I got for Valentine’s Day while I’m writing this 🙂 Anyhoo, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, you should go there for more info. This week’s topic is particularly fun – Top Ten Favorite Love Stories. Yay!

1. Jamie & Claire from Outlander: They are my all-time favorite love story, and it’s not even over yet! Claire Beauchamp is a WW2 nurse on her honeymoon when she stumbles through some standing stones and ends up in the middle of a skirmish between Scots and Brits… in 1743. And there she meets the love of her life, Jamie Fraser. The series has 7 books out, and I’m anxiously awaiting the 8th (and 9th, and hopefully 10th…)

2. Tatiana & Alexander from The Bronze Horseman: I actually just finished this book last night, and it was so wonderful. Tatiana and Alexander meet the day WW2 starts in Russia, but Tatiana’s family and Alexander’s past are both keeping them apart. Their love was really touching, and today I’m going to start their sequel.

3. Min & Cal from Bet Me: Bet Me is my favorite romance novel of all time, and the characters in this book are SO fun. They compliment each other so perfectly, and the book itself is just hysterical.

4. Darcy & Lizzie from Pride and Prejudice: Seriously, this was one of the first romance stories ever. They’re both so stubborn and headstrong, and it makes for such a lovely story.

5. Catherine & Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights: OK, they actually have a very sad and screwed up relationship, but that doesn’t mean the love wasn’t there. Heathcliff crying out to Cathy to haunt him is one of those moments in books that literally hurts my heart a little. It’s just too sweet.

6. Loretta & Hunter from Comanche Moon: This is another romance novel that I really loved, and takes place on the American frontier. Loretta’s a mute white girl, and Hunter is a Native American. There is some really dark stuff going on in this book and in their lives, but they’re able to overcome it and fall in love.

7. Katsa & Po in Graceling: These two are a perfect match for each other, and they both kick so much ass. And I love that they fall in love, but it doesn’t end in marriage, which is typical of love stories. And though I myself want to get married some day, it was nice to see Katsa stand up and say “Yeah, I love you, but seriously, I’m not getting married.” Doesn’t mean that their love isn’t as strong as any other couple! I really can’t wait to see them in some of Kristin Cashore’s future books!

8. Dash & Lily from Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares: This was just one of the cutest and funniest YA book. Dash & Lily meet and connect via a red journal, and by the time they finally met I couldn’t wait for them to be together.

9. Daniel & Sophia (AKA Lucy) from My Name is Memory: In this book, souls are reborn, but Daniel is unique in that he remembers all of his past lives, and in each one he searches for the love of his lives, Sophia. He finally finds her again when she is named Lucy, and they’re the same age in the same high school. This is finally his chance to be with her, to live a long and happy life with her, if they can escape his evil brother who keeps coming after him. Just the fact that Daniel searches for his loved one in each of his lives makes this story crazy romantic.

10. Princess Buttercup & Westley from The Princess Bride: AWWWW, who doesn’t love this book or movie? (And really, they’re almost exactly the same). Buttercup and Westley fall in love, and he leaves to make his fortune, but rumor comes back that he died at sea. Buttercup is being forced to marry stupid Prince Humperdinck, Westley comes back with some crazy sassy fighting skills and saves her, and they live happily ever after. Again, AWWW!

I am a total sap, and I love romance in books. I could probably add more, but I’ll stop here :o)

So, what are YOUR favorite love stories?

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  1. >*If you haven't read The Host by Stephenie Meyer and don't want spoilers– skip this comment!!!Have you read The Host by Stephenie Meyer? I'd have to choose Wanderer and Ian! I think they have such a cute love story!Re: Borders- I don't know if it's just e-readers that are causing the stir. I think cheap internet prices/free shipping have a lot to do with brick and mortar bookstores having trouble, too. They've posted a public list of stores they're closing so you should check it out and see if your local stores are on it!


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