The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons


Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. This just about broke my heart.

Set in Leningrad in 1941, on the day that WW2 starts in Russia, Tatiana and Alexander meet. They fall in love almost immediately, but are constantly trying to stay apart – for the sake of Dasha, Tatiana’s sister, who fell in love with Alexander first. Trying not to fall for each other is like trying not to breathe for these two. Despite how dangerous is could be, given Alexander’s past and Tatiana’s present, they are drawn to each other and have to struggle to stay alive throughout the siege on Leningrad.

THIS is exactly how historical fiction is supposed to be written. Tatiana and Alexander are such engrossing characters, and you’re watching history happen to and around them. This book actually makes me want to go online and learn more about Russia in WW2. Historical fiction books very rarely do that for me (for instance, I recently read Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran and I still don’t care to learn more about the French Revolution). The setting, and the characters in this book are just magical.

Tatiana is one amazing young woman. She was constantly surprising and amazing me at the amount of courage, stamina, and love she possessed. And Alexander – fiction rarely sees such a capable, protective, sweet man.

I’m so glad I heard about this book – it absolutely deserves the high ratings it gets. At 894 pages, it’s definitely long – but I read it in two and a half days, and was never bored. And near the end, I could hardly stop crying.

Sarah Says: 5 stars!!! And now I’m going to go start the sequel IMMEDIATELY.

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  1. >I agree with L.L.–your enthusiasm is contagious! This sounds like a great book, and I have been in the mood for a big chunkster of a book. Hmm…looks like I'll be looking for this at the library.


  2. >I have this book on my TBR list and it is pretty high because I love historical fiction about WWII. I didn't know there was a sequel though. What is the name?I also have a list on my site, of great WWII fiction. You should check it out. The Book Thief (which I noticed on your poll) is also set in WWII but I'm not sure if it is Russia. Okay enough chatter from me.


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