>My First Giveaway! Enter to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!


*Poll now closed, no new entries*

So in celebration of reaching 50 followers, here is my very first giveaway! If you win, you get a $20 Amazon E-Certificate thing emailed to you. I’m doing it this way for a couple reasons:
– I can’t think of a book that would make a good giveaway right now. So I’m lazy, really.
– By emailing you a gift card, I save money on postage, which means I have more money to spend on the gift card (which is why it’s $20).
-Neither of us (myself or you, my lovely fellow bloggers) have to feel weird about giving out a mailing address.

Giveaway starts today and ends February 13th. I’ll announce the winner on February 14th. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll use random.org, or if I’ll put all the entries in a bowl and have the honeyman pick one. If I do that, I’ll include pictures :o) Just sounds more fun that way!

Once I have a winner, I’ll announce it on the blog and email the winner. Once I receive an email back from the winner acknowledging the win, I’ll send it out.

Sooo… here we go! Good luck!

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  1. >Hi Sarah! Sinc eyou already have the goodreads shelf in the margin, you should also think about getting a 2011 reading challenge widget up, which will show us all what your goal is for 2011 and how many books you've read so far. 🙂


  2. >Heya Sarah! It's me, Christy N. 🙂 I didn't know you had a FB page also! I got you added, and am also following you with my new Twitter account. (Reader Bee) You're blog looks great!


  3. >Congrats! Just followed, liked, and tweeted. You will get more followers, just keep up the work!Your blog isn't too bad. But like Jacque mentioned, the colors are not the best for reading (at least for oldies like me).


  4. >I like your "Top 10" Posts the best (full of good ideas), so I think I'd expand that or add more list-y and favorite-y posts like that, if that makes sense. – Elizabeth S.


  5. >Congrats on all the followers! I'm follower number 65, so you've added quite a few! Your blog looks great, certainly nicer than mine. The only thing I could think of is maybe center your tabs at the top of the page. But maybe you want them over to the left, who knows? I think you're doing a great job here!I'm following on Twitter (@LHartness)I mentioned the giveaway here:http://calicocritic.blogspot.com/2011/02/wednesday-contest-report-february-2nd.htmlI "liked" you on FB, my username is Laura Woodside Hartness.Thanks for the nice giveaway!Laura


  6. >Wow!! thanks for the awesome giveaway!!I think your blog looks fabulous, so my only suggestion would be to participate in the friday blog hops if you haven't already, they are a great way to meet new bloggers!! Check out Parajunkee's blog and Crazy for Books for the blog hop links!


  7. >Wow, great responses so far guys!Jenny O, I did add a new goodreads widget per your suggestion :)Lucia & Christy, thanks for joining and for mentioning the giveaway on your blogs!Jacque & Alex, I can't figure out for the life of me how to change the poll colors. When I add the poll for next month I'll try to get it sorted out. Sorry!Domestic Diva, I will certainly try to add some kid's books. There are a couple that I've gotten my niece and nephew that I might be able to use!Carmen, I love the list-y posts too! They're sometimes the funnest! I've been trying to cut back on the memes a bit cause I don't want to overwhelm people with a post everyday, but I may add a new page for that… hmmmm…Cheryl, I don't often have author interviews because I don't accept books from authors or publishing companies, at least not usually (see review policy tab). Sorry about that! I did sort of do a "pick me next read" post, and had a poll up and I'll do that every month. Click on the "polls" label to see the previous one.Laura, thanks for mentioning the giveaway on your blog! Also, I haven't figured out how to center the tabs, lol, but I'll try soon.Carrie, I have participated in the Friday Book Blogger Hop before, but think I'm going to sit the next one or two out just because I need a break from posting every day! Thanks for the suggestion :o)You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for following and for your ideas! Keep 'em comin!


  8. >Congrats on the followers! I just revisited your blog bc I thought I was following you in my reader and realized I wasn't. Good thing I was following you on Twitter so I didn't lose track of your blog. You've totally revamped the page and it looks awesome! I would suggest adding a challenges tab so we can see which challenges you are participating in.


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