>Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling


Once again, since the Harry Potter series is so popular I’m not going to avoid spoilers here… You’ve been warned :o)

Well, this may be my least favorite of the Harry Potter series. The story is really interesting and a lot gets explained, but at the same time, the plot is no where near at intricate as it is in HP & the GoF, but this book is a lot longer. Harry’s back at Hogwarts after letting loose the news that Voldemort is back. Trouble is that nobody believes him or Dumbledore – The Ministry of Magic is going to extreme lengths to deny it and try to make Harry and Dumbledore look like crazies. Most of the school thinks that Harry’s either gone mad or is just starving for attention. This leads to a Ministry-appointed official taking a job at Hogwarts – Dolores Umbridge (probably the most-hated character ever). On top of all this, Harry’s dealing with troubling visions and dreams in which he is Voldemort.

So, the main reason why this book is my least favorite is this: Harry is WHINY. I think it was to show that he’s a teenager now, and not perfect, etc but still – it makes it hard to root for him when he’s being such a git. He constantly ignores the advice of people who care about him, he’s rude, he’s selfish – that’s the perfect definition but a teenager, but he just made everything so much harder than it needed to be, a lot could have been avoided.

ALSO, the saddest thing ever happens in this book – Sirius is gone. And Harry barely had time to really hang out with him. Still makes me cry, and it depresses me for days afterwards :o( It’s also upsetting because there were SO many ways that it could have been avoided, but Harry was a total dummy in this book.

Now, on to the good stuff – this is still an HP novel, which means that even when it annoys me it’s still really good. Umbridge is fun to hate – I LOATHE her, possibly even more than I hate Voldemort. She’s gross, annoying, evil, crazy, racist, etc… UGH. Hate her. We find out a load more about the Order of the Phoenix, and about why exactly Voldemort has always wanted to kill Harry so bad. Luna Lovegood is introduced, and she becomes a really great character – in fact her, Ginny, and Neville all play really important roles. Fred & George are at their best here, and provide some much-needed comic relief. Mad-Eye Moody, Lupin, Tonks, and Sirius all play big parts, and it’s always a relief when one of the adults is around to restore order to the teens. We learn more about different magical creatures, such as centaurs. Harry and his friends start the D.A., which is fun to watch, plus he finally gets his feelings with Cho sorted out. Good stuff!

I love Harry Potter, but I’m so happy to be done with this one (TOO SAD!) and moving onto book # 6… I only read #6 and #7 once each, so re-reading them will be really great.

Sarah Says: 4 stars :o(


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