>Flip This Zombie by Jesse Petersen (Living with the Dead #2)


This is the newest sequel to Married with Zombies, which I reviewed a while back. In Married with Zombies, Sarah and David are close to divorce when the zombie apocalypse starts. They have to try to stay alive, and in turn that ends up saving their marriage. In the sequel, Flip This Zombie, they are starting their own business – ZombieBusters, Inc.

ZombieBusters Inc is going pretty well – they respond to pleas of help posted in survivor camps, go kill zombies, and then collect their payment (in trade, of course). One night though a somewhat ominous message is posted for them :

“I am in need of your assistance for a unique task. If you can accomodate me, please meet with me. Sincerely, A Friend”

So, craving some sort of new mission in zombie-slaying, they go and meet with Dr. Barnes, a scientist who asks them not to kill zombies, but to capture them alive and bring them to his lab. Taking on this job puts their marriage, and their skills, to the test – cause whatever Dr. Barnes wants live zombies for, it’s not good.

This was a pretty good follow-up. There was a lot of suspense in this one, and I guessed (correctly) at a couple things. There were some big shockers at the end though, and it was a really good ending. I seriously can’t wait for #3, which will be titled Eat Slay Love and will hopefully be out in June, per Amazon.

I did however give some points off this one because I didn’t laugh as often as I did in the first one. Now, in all fairness, I have a cold and it might just have been harder to make me laugh. Still worth the read though :o)

Sarah Says: 3.5 stars!


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