>A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens



Can you believe that this is the first time EVER that I’ve read this? I’ve seen the Disney Mickey Mouse version when I was younger, but never read the actually story. Also, it should probably be noted that I read this in A Christmas Carol and Other Holiday Tales published by Borders, but I didn’t read the other holiday tales. Probably will someday, but just didn’t feel like it this time around.

As you probably know, the story is about Ebenezer Scrooge (great name, by the way) who is a penny-pinching grouch. There are parts of grouchy Scrooge that I like. I guess I just don’t mind grouchy people, cause I kind of am one. Anyways, he’s SUPER grouchy and mean, and some ghostly holiday spirits show up to help him mend his ways. He sees into his past, present and future before realizing what a crotchety old man he’s being, and that Christmas is actually a pretty great thing.

I liked Dickens’ style in this – the writing was concise and very entertaining. And when Dickens starts to lay on the holiday sap, he lays it on thick, which is part of why this book is so great. There are parts that you just can’t help but smile at, and it’s a perfect cheery Christmas-y read.

The only thing I struggled with was trying to picture Scrooge and everything the way Dickens described it, and not as how it’s depicted in the Mickey version. So if you haven’t seen a movie adaptation OR read the book, read the book first so you can have your own images in your head!

4 stars



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