Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman


This book was given to me when I was about 16, by my high school homeroom teacher Ken, who thought I might enjoy it. It sat on my shelf for these past 7 or so years, and I’ve FINALLY picked it up and read it. Man, I feel like a dummy for not reading it sooner.

This is a really interesting and thought-provoking book, with really beautiful language and great imagery.

Each chapter is a dream that Einstein has about time, and the different ways in which it might work. In one dream, time is a never-ending loop, and every action is repeated millions of times. In another, time is stilled at a specific location, and the farther one gets from that point, the faster times moves. In another, time moves backwards – people are old and grow younger. In another, future time is an unthinkable concept and people never think, ponder, plan, or wonder about the future. And so on and so forth.

The greatest (and saddest) thing about this book is that it really reminds you how important time is to each of us, because we literally only have so much. Therefore this book makes me want to go do great luxurious and romantic things, before time runs out.

4 stars


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