Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater



Ehhh. Half-way through reading this, my main thought was “This is Twilight, but with werewolves.” And I haven’t really changed that opinion.

Overall, the story was okay. Grace and Sam were okay characters. I felt kind of frustrated because by the time I was about halfway through it, hardly anything had actually happened. It was very heavy on description and days of Sam and Grace just hanging out, which got kind of boring. However, Grace mentioned coffee a lot, which scored points with me. So few literary characters share my love of coffee. But then the ending – the most anti-climactic ending ever.

The whole new twist on the idea of werewolves (changing during the seasons and eventually being a wolf for good) was an interesting and surprisingly fresh concept. But I really felt that more could have been done with the story… I guess it needed to be stretched out so the author could write all those sequels…

2 stars



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