Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde



I have been meaning to read this book forever. Have to say though, I’m a little disappointed.

The writing was actually really great. Easy flow, and it captured the mood of sinister and gloomy pretty well. But overall the story seemed like it needed to be a bit longer. I was honestly a little disappointed in the lack of bad behavior from Mr. Hyde – only two incidents, and the first was kind of mild. From all the hype about how evil and depraved Mr. Hyde is supposed to be, I was expecting something much more vicious. Maybe it’s because it was written in 1885 and it was probably already pushing the boundaries a bit. Maybe it’s just my being used to seeing the news everyday, in which much scarier things happen on an hourly basis.

Anyways yeah, this was an okay book. Not a favorite, but it wasn’t bad either. The writing was good enough though that I’m looking forward to reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, which I also have waiting on my shelf.

3 stars




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