>Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman


You can always count on Alice Hoffman for a great magical read.
Blackbird House is essentially a bunch of chronological short stories, revolving around the inhabitants of the same “Blackbird House”, and spanning hundreds of years. This book was full of beautiful descriptions of windy sea weather, the smell of sweet peas and fruit and salt, and some really interesting characters.

The first story, Edge of the World, was my favorite. It starts with the family that builds the house, and honestly this one made me misty-eyed. I realized however that on contrast, the last story wasn’t nearly as good. While the very first story was passionate, and the female character was really strong, the very last story had a female character that I had a hard time liking (odd, because she’s pretty cool in a previous story). As the book progressed, the stories got less interesting. I have a feel that has more to do with my fondness for the old settings and people, and being biased against the more modern days. Things just seemed more interesting and dramatic back in the day!


(Also, this was my first completed read of the 24-Hour Read-A-Thon, so expect at least one more review today, hopefully two. )


4 stars




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