The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel

>The Exile, Diana Gabaldon, book review

YAY! This just came out yesterday. I have been waiting for ages. I love everything Outlander, and was eagerly anticipating this. I couldn’t sleep the night before it came out, it was like the night before Christmas! So Tuesday morning I got my butt up early and went to Borders to purchase it. Can you believe that I actually had to ask a saleswoman where it was, and it was still in the back room??? And not even discounted? Come on people, it’s Diana Gabaldon!
Anyways, for those of you unfamiliar with all this… read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Go do it, right now. You’ll thank me. And then read this lovely treat, which is the first third of the story from Jamie’s P.O.V. It was really funny to see more of Jamie’s thoughts; it made me giggle several times. And what’s really cool is there’s a new little side story involving his godfather Murtagh.
As for the artwork? Loved it. The scenes are really beautiful, and the artist did a really good job with Claire (though of course it being a graphic novel, she’s more busty than I picture). Jamie didn’t really match what I picture in my head, but honestly, I don’t even think a real human being anywhere could match what I picture in my head for Jamie. I can’t think of a single famous person to point to and say “Yeah, close to that.” I’m guessing that’s how plenty of Outlander fans feel though, and since I can’t even think of a real-life model for Jamie, I don’t mind that he doesn’t look close to my ideas in the graphic novel.
Unfortunately, the artist had to “tone down” the wedding night scene. But Diana is awesome and posted the un-edited version on her website, which you can go see here. I’d post the picture, but I don’t want to risk violating some copy-right law or something.
Anyways, if you’re an Outlander fan like me, you should go get this and read it and delight in all things Outlander. And if you’re not an Outlander fan already, you should be! Go read the books!
5 stars

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