>Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

>Maybe This Time, Jennifer Crusie, book review

I really like Jennifer Crusie, she’s probably my favorite romance author. ((Seriously, if you haven’t read Bet Me, you need to right now. Even my boyfriend read and loved it.)) Normally I’m not big on the “mystery” romances, but the whole ghost-story thing in this one was fun and interesting.

Andie and North divorced 10 years ago because North was too involved in his law-firm job. Andie’s now engaged again, and goes to see North to sever ties for good, but instead he offers her a job; 1 month in an old, remote castle trying to take care of two orphan kids that he’s the legal guardian of. The kids refuse to leave and have some behavioral problems, and he offers her $10,000 to stay there a month and try to fix the issues there. (Complicated with the rumors that there are ghosts at this old house.) And now that they’re back in touch, they’re reminded of all the good times…

I liked Andie, I thought she was fun and smart and she usually said what she was thinking. Plus she seemed really tough, independent, and sure of herself.

North is a good guy, can admit when he’s wrong and is still crazy about Andie, and literally will do all he can to please her (which is always good in a man).

I liked the orphans too, Carter and Alice. They had a rough time and it was fun watching Andie turn them from “problem-child” kids to sweet, kinda-normal kids.

All around, a sweet story and the ghost element was really fun. This is actually perfect for the fall / Halloween season – a little bleak and creepy, but cute and sweet too.

4 stars :o)



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