People of the Wolf

>people of the wolf, book review

I’d been eyeing this series for a long time. After reading 4 of the 6 books in the Wilderness series by Sara Donati, I realized what was bothering me a bit; the lack of Native American people in a supposedly Native American-ish story. So reading this series, based solely on the very first people to come into North America (way before they were destroyed by the Europeans) was a breath of fresh air.

This was a really interesting book. It tells the story of Runs in Light, aka Wolf Dreamer, who leads the first people across the ice and into North America.

I liked this book for how immersed in Native American culture this was, and I look forward to that in the others books in the series as well. The concept of this book was really interesting, and I liked the characters; I rooted for the “good ones” and of course enjoyed hating the “bad ones”. I felt bad for Wolf Dreamer and Dancing Fox, though Dancing Fox becomes one tough chick :o)

The only bad thing that I can say is that sometimes the descriptions of the book overshadowed the story line, making the book seem longer than it needed to be.

Overall though, this was a good read and I’ll be checking out the others in the series.

3.5 stars



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