Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

>Dead Witch Walking, Kim Harrison, book review

My friend Doni loves this series. LOVES it. AND her husband loves it. So I finally agreed to read the first book, Dead Witch Walking
This series (called either The Hallows or Rachel Morgan) follows a witch named Rachel Morgan in a very different world than ours. In the book, instead of focusing on space and the moon, scientists focused on bioengineering. Eventually a horrible virus is created and spread via tomatoes, and it kills off half of humanity before it’s finally contained (and leaves humans with a phobia of tomatoes). When this happens, the secret world of witches, werewolves, vampires, fairies, pixies, etc. decide to make themselves known because now their population size matches that of the human world. The supernatural are called the Inderlanders and for the most part lives in areas separate from humans. So far, so good. Very interesting world.
Rachel works for the I.S., aka Inderland Security. She’s a runner, which essentially means she catches supernatural beings that are breaking laws. She’s a good witch, but is given crap missions as of late. So she decides to break her contract (a big no-no) and quit the I.S. to start her own agency. Ivy, a wealthy living vamp and a very popular co-worker of hers, decides to quit with her and form a partnership. Jenks, a spunky pixy, also agrees to leave the I.S. and join their new agency.
Trouble is, Ivy was an awesome runner and the I.S. is pissed at Rachel for taking her away, so they put a hit out on her…and from there the trouble ensues.
Okay, some MAJOR problems with Rachel. She’s a crap main character. For apparently being a good runner and witch, she sucks. Just sucks. She is also annoyingly terrified of Ivy because she’s a vamp. Never mind the fact that Ivy hasn’t been a practicing vamp in 3 years, or the fact that she’s the only one helping Rachel stay alive – every time Ivy’s in the same room she seizes up with fear. It was really obnoxious. She also almost cries every time one of her enemies dies or gets hurt… even though they’re trying to kill her. Quite honestly, the premise behind the series is great, but I just cannot go any further in the series with a character like Rachel.
Another annoying thing is that big hints about everyone having a big secret of their own were dropped and nothing was revealed at all. It’s supposed to make you want to read further in the series, but instead it just left me with the feeling that I knew nothing about the them.
The ONE saving grace this book had was Jenks. He was hilarious, he was spunky, and he actually was a great pixy. He wasn’t constantly screwing up, he wasn’t impatient. He was awesome. Hell is the series had been from Jenks‘ p.o.v. it might have been amazing.
I wouldn’t bother with this series. Ever.
1 out of 5 stars (the one being for Jenks and an interesting alternate world)

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  1. >lol! your review is great–honest, funny, and clearly points out the parts you struggled with. i'm not sure this is the series for me, but i have seen it around and others seem to like it.i'm a bit off the vampire/faerie/wolf bandwagon at the moment, though. maybe later in the summer? cheers!nat @book, line, and sinker


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