>Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

>I know, I know… I’ve been kind of lazy with book reviews lately. In part because I always end up doing a review on Goodreads anyways, and partly because I don’t like to review books that I don’t have strong feelings about. But this one is definitely worth mentioning. (And I’m being lazy again, just copying this from my Goodreads post…)

Agnes Grey, Anne Bronte, book review

I don’t know why Anne is the lesser known Bronte sister – this book was very enjoyable. Agnes was a good-natured character, the story was easy-to-read and never bored me to tears, and the romance in it was sweet and fulfilling. In a lot of ways, it’s the polar opposite of Wuthering Heights (which I also enjoyed, but was depressing, crazy, and bleak).

Agnes, the youngest member of her struggling family, decides to try her hand at being a governess in an attempt to earn some money and help out at home. Her experiences as a governess left a lot to be desired – the parents were laughably ridiculous, the children were, for a lack of a better word, brats, and Agnes endures such without losing her temper and actually without complaining too much. Some reviewers have said that she was a martyr, but she never complainted to the people in her life, just in what she wrote in this “diary”. In fact, I thought she was pretty cheerful – she was sarcastic at times which added a little comedy to the novel, and she always found delight in the little things (a quiet morning, walks, a book, the beach, etc…) And she was just a good person – her intentions were always well intended, and she stuck to her morals in situations were others might not have.


Eventually she meets someone as good-hearted as she is, and though there’s never an outburst of passion, the man she meets is very sweet, and of course they end up happily ever after. I rooted for her the whole time.

*** end spoilers ***

I really liked this book. And I have to say that when reading classics, Barnes and Noble Classics are the best. Really helpful definitions and notes are at the bottom of the page and makes things easier to understand.
I’m really looking forward to reading her other novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. And if you haven’t read any of the Brontes, I suggest starting with Anne only because this was an easier read.

I give this 4.5 stars.


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