Comanche Moon

>I know, I know. It’s been a while since I posted a review. But for one thing, I have more time on my hands now that I switched jobs. Secondly, this book was just that good.

Comanche Moon book cover

Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson is the first in a series that has recently been re-released since they were originally published over ten years ago. I had read a Catherine Anderson romance before and really liked it, and was in the mood for something kind of different, so I tried this out. Good choice on my part! I loved this book!

Set in the mid 1800’s, Hunter of the Wolf (Hunter for short) is a mixed-breed Comanche Indian who lost a wife and unborn child years ago – she was tortured and murdered by white men. He avenged her, but there is a prophecy about Hunter that he will one day fall in love with a white woman and leave his people for her. He does not believe it, his hatred of whites runs so deep. But he shows up to kidnap the girl who may be the one in the prophecy to appease his gods.

Loretta is a mute girl, living with her aunt’s family. Her parents were murdered before her eyes seven years ago, and she watched her mother get brutally raped and killed – by Comanches. She hasn’t said a word since that day. One day Comanches show up to take her away, and she bravely lets them take her to save her relatives. Her captor, a Comanche named Hunter, obviously hates her, just as much as she absolutely despises him and all other Comanches for what they did to her parents.

But somehow, these two bond and come together in defiance of both of their peoples.

I love forbidden-love stories, so this got points right away for that. At first Loretta kind of annoyed me, but she and her female relatives (Aunt Rachel and cousin Amy) really grew on me. They all possess courage and a lot of spirit. Amy in particular is very spunky. Hunter is a really likable hero – you feel terrible for what happened to his first wife, and he’s an honorable man. Stubborn some times, but always true to himself and protective of those he loves. There are a lot of great supporting characters as well, which is rare in romances. They all played important roles, and most were really enjoyable.

This book doesn’t go in the way of most romances – there’s a lot of greif, tears, and bloodshed. In a way, it doesn’t even feel right to call this a romance, because it doesn’t read like one. Except for the few sex scenes (just two or three in about 500 pages), it really focused on the difficult relationship between Hunter and Loretta and all of the different obstacles in their way.

Anyways, this really was a great novel. I could hardly stand to put it down, and as soon as I leave work today, I’m going to go buy the sequel, Comanche Heart.

4.75 stars out of 5 ( lost .25 just for my initial annoyance with Loretta)



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