Sarah Sunday – Letting you know I’m alive


Gabby, my shorter hair, Sharknado, a pile of books I still haven’t finished…


Hi guys!

I haven’t posted in over two weeks, which is just ridiculously insane and sad. I mean, my reasons are valid (so.much.WORK.), but still. I really miss ya’ll. I don’t even want to know what my Bloglovin reader looks like right now. (OK I couldn’t resist – it’s almost at 600 unread posts. Fuck.)


Here’s a look at what my weeks have been like, Monday through Friday -

  • Get up around 4, 4:15 AM and get ready for work
  • Get to work around 5:30, 5:45 AM
  • Work all day – trying to get the million things that I need to done, in addition to training two new people
  • Get home around 7:30 or 8 PM
  • Make some sort of food, hang out with the honeyman, and crash around 9:30 or 10 PM
  • Repeat

And weekends are a short blur of grocery shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, and trying to get to the gym at least once. I have at least 3 more weeks of this. We’re estimating about a month to train the temps completely… which means a lot of 12 to 14 hour days for me. And most days I barely have time to get up and pee, much less hop online or on my phone to do bloggy things. This really sucks… but if all goes well and the temps work out, then in a month I’ll be on more normal human hours and hopefully will be able to get things back on track. I really miss reading, and blogging, and chatting with you guys.

I haven’t really finished an actual book this month, except that I re-read Outlander and now I’m re-reading Dragonfly in Amber. Graphic novels are nice too, but my time has been limited for even that much reading. I DID splurge last night… and ordered myself a Kindle Paperwhite. And 4 graphic novels. I have to reward myself a little for this overtime, right?

The honeyman has been really awesome. He took care of allllll the cleaning this week so that we could host game night on Friday (which consisted of us ordering pizza and watching older episodes of The Walking Dead). He’s been pitching in with laundry when he can, and ordering food when I’m too tired to cook, and just generally been really sweet (though he does hate me working so much… but what are ya gonna do, ya know?)

seen Sharknado

We watched Sharknado last weekend. You guys – it was the best worst thing I’ve ever seen. The graphics, acting, and plot were all TERRIBLE, but so terrible that I couldn’t stop laughing. There’s a part where the storm unhinges a Ferris wheel, and OF COURSE it starts rolling down the street, because why not, and OF COURSE it crushes people, and it was just so so bad. But in a stupidly great way.



And that’s about all the updating-time I have. I gotta get chicken tacos going in the crockpot before running out and doing things with my sister. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I haven’t disappeared completely. Hope you’re all doing really well.






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The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir

THIS is why I love the internet. Because I hear so many glowing reviews about a new book, and I get really excited for it, and I take the risk and buy it in hardcover, and it totally is as awesome as everyone says it is.

Mark Watney and his crew have been on Mars for six days when a dust storm crops up, forcing an emergency evacuation. But in the chaos, Mark is mistaken for dead and when he comes to, he realizes that he’s been left behind. He’s alone, on Mars. No one knows that he’s alive, and he has no way to tell anyone. Now it’s up to him to figure out how to survive until the next planned Mars mission - four years away. His current mission was only supposed to be 31 days long, so he’ll run out of food, water, and oxygen long before then. Luckily, Mark is a botanist and an engineer, so surely he can think up something… right?

There are three main things about this book that made is so fantastic:

  1. Humor: You KNOW that making me laugh is one of the surest ways to get me to love a book, and this book had it. Mark has that dark, twisted sense of humor that I love. Like… Christopher Moore, or Chandler from Friends, or… someone else. I don’t know, examples are hard. But it was great. Mark is that guy who will make people laugh in any shitty situation, except you know, he’s by himself. You would think that a book has basically ONE character might get a little boring, but his sense of humor kept it really engaging. I didn’t want to put it down.
  2. Tension: There were some serious nail-biting situations in this book. I mean, the whole book has you rooting for Mark to stay alive, but you’re also super nervous and sure that something’s going to go wrong. And it all feels so REAL.
  3. Space nerd-ery: I love space, and physics, and science, and so all of this just tickled my fancy. Mark explains any technical stuff really clearly as he’s thinking through what he has to do, and it’s pretty awesome. And according to Astronaut Chris Hadfield, this book has “fascinating technical accuracy”, so I’m glad to hear that most of the science is sound.

The other thing I love about this book is kind of hard to articulate, but I’ll try. I love that it presented the idea of travelling to Mars as not only possible, but something NASA has done and is planning to do repeatedly. It kind of drives me crazy that people don’t think we have the technology to get there. We do. It’s basically a lack of motivation (and hence, money) that has kept us from trying to get to Mars. I also love that it shows how far ingenuity can get you. Mars is a harsh environment that could kill a person in a lot of simple ways, BUT, astronauts are intelligent and adaptable. And lastly, I love that it shows the passion for space that people, especially astronauts, have. Going to space is incredibly dangerous, and yet there are people who are still willing, who still want, to do it. That’s an awesome thing.

And now, I leave you with some of my favorite quotes:

“Commander Lewis was in charge. I was just one of her crew. Actually, I was the very lowest ranked member of the crew. I would only be “in command” of the mission if I were the only remaining person.

What do you know? I’m in command.”



How come Aquaman can control whales? They’re mammals! Makes no sense.”


“I unraveled Martinez’s bed and took the string outside, then taped it to the trailer hull along the path I planned to cut. Yes, of course duct tape works in a near-vacuum. Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshipped.”

Alright well picking out quotes was a lot harder than I thought, because a lot of the good ones are a bit spoiler-y, so just freaking read it, will you? It’s fantastic.

Sarah Says: 5 stars

P.S. - Andy Weir, if you ever happen to read this, please write more books about space. You’re really good at it.


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A Late, Quick Sarah Sunday


I’m jumping right into the bullet points…

  • I just found out that my co-worker quit… and since the temp hasn’t started yet, that means it’s just me doing the job of like 3-4 people this coming week at work, which means probably 11-12 hours days all week and me being really busy and tired. Oy.
  • THANK YOU to everyone for the birthday wishes and comments. The winner of the $20 Amazon gift card (or book from The Book Depository) is Emily at As the Crowe Flies (and Reads!) – Emily I’m going to email you tomorrow (ideally) so you can get your prize!
  • My birthday was pretty awesome. I have some funny stories about a waitress who was so nice I thought that maybe she thought I was “special”, and how my family surprised me with cake despite my insistence on staying out shopping instead of coming home because I had no clue what they were planning, but those stories will have to wait for another time. But basically, it was such a lovely 4 days off and I’m sad the weekend is over already. Especially knowing now the stressful few weeks I have ahead of me now…
  • I’ve read 400+ pages of Outlander this weekend. It’s been awesome. I forgot how completely it just takes over my brain when I read it, so my mind is always a little bit on Jamie and Claire and I just want to be reading it constantly.


So that’s really it. I have to get to bed now, since I need to get up and go to work earlier than I was originally thinking. I think I have a review scheduled later in the week, but nothing else. I’ll try to pop online and read blogs when I have some spare time. I hope ya’ll are having a good weekend!



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March Monthly TBR

Good morning peoples.

February kicked my ass. I read 10 books… but 7 of those were graphic novels, so really I read 3 books. I’m trying not to feel to bad about if, because there’s really not much I could do about it. Work is busy, and likely to remain so until probably early April. No point in moaning about it. Let’s take a look at my original pile for February:

February Monthly TBR 14 completed

Yup, there it is. Fail. And The Rosie Project was a re-read. The other book I read was The Martian by Andy Weir, which was actually pretty great, just so you know.

Let’s see at what I’m looking for March.


From the top to bottom…

  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - OBVIOUSLY a re-read. I’ve been wanting to re-read the Outlander books again for a while, but I was holding off because the newest one comes out in June and I didn’t think I could re-read them all before then. And I might not be able to. But I think reading while I’m super busy might be easier if I’m re-reading – it won’t require as much focus. And the Outlander series are my comfort books. And well, it was my birthday on Thursday and I wanted to read Outlander so that’s why I started to do. So there.
  • Ex-Communication by Peter Clines – This is the third book in Clines’ series about superheroes in a zombie apocalypse, which is obviously just fun to read about. And I know the fourth book is out, so I should probably finally read this.
  • The Remedy by Thomas Goetz - I rarely accept books for review, but the publisher pitched this to me really well, and it sounds interesting. It’s a true story about the quest to cure tuberculosis, and how Arthur Conan Doyle was involved and how it resulted in his creating the famous character of Sherlock Holmes. Come on, how could I say no?
  • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – Yes, everyone. I will read this damn book. I’m sure it’s awesome and I have no idea why I haven’t gotten to it yet.
  • Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge – I found this browsing around the graphic novels at the library and the art looked really great, so why not.

And of course, I’ll probably fit in other graphic novels because those are my jam lately. I know Saga Volume 3 comes out late this month, and I’m definitely going to buy more of the Chew books soon.

I know this is a relatively modest pile, so let’s hope I can actually manage it! Be good to me, March.

What do you guys have your eye on this month?



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Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

Assassin's Apprentice

It’s been so long since I wrote a review… do I even remember how?

Anyways, I finally read Assassin’s Apprentice! Thanks to Jenn and Riv for suggesting Robin Hobb to me over and over again until I finally listened. Assassin’s Apprentice is the first book in the Farseer trilogy, which also ties into some other trilogies she’s written, which is very cool and excites me because that means I can revisit this world and some of these characters plenty of times.

So, one day a 6 year-old boy is dropped off on the royal doorstep, by someone who says he is the bastard child of the noble Prince Chivalry. He’s given into the care of his dad’s stableman, Burrich, who raises him the best he knows how and tries to shield him from the cruelty the royal family has towards him. The only one who recognizes him is King Shrewd, who has young Fitz secretly trained as an assassin and in the magic Skill for his own use. The coasts of the kingdom are under attack by savage raiders, and Fitz is finally old enough to embark on his first mission. And while some are hoping for his downfall, he might be exactly what the kingdom needs to survive.

Alright, so this book took me about 10 days to read, but that’s my fault because of being so busy at work. I was ALWAYS looking forward to picking this book back up. Somehow, Fitz is a really relatable and likable character. I mean, people are so cold towards him that it’s easy to feel bad for him. And Burrich definitely believes in tough love, and the within the first 70 pages or so I had already teared up a bit for poor Fitz. But he rarely plays the victim, and that’s why I liked him so much. He’s kind so other people, and has a thirst for knowledge and mischief that I really enjoyed.

I don’t want to go too much into the more fantastical elements of the story because I think they’re best discovered by the reader, but Fitz has some very cool talents. And the raiders that are attacking the kingdom’s coasts use some sort of mysterious magic that absolutely destroys people, and I think it was all very interesting and unique without being overdone.

I already went out and bought the sequel, Royal Assassin. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Fitz’s adventures, and to seeing some of the other characters I grew to like - the Fool, Prince Verity, and Kettricken among others.

Sarah Says: 4 stars


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It’s my birthday and I’ll read if I want to


Birthday Girls :-) I bet Gabby’s getting pretty sick of taking pics with me.


Good morning ya’ll!

I’m 27 now! And as usual, I don’t feel 27… I feel maybe 22? 23? And Gabby is 2! I can’t believe we’ve had her for almost 2 whole years now (we got her in May, she was born at the end of Feb). She is the best and I love her. You know what I didn’t see coming for me at 27? Being a person who owns three different shirts with cats on them. This is what Gabby has done to me. And I don’t even own any bookish shirts! Which is a travesty and clearly needs to be remedied sometime soon.

I have the next four days off, since it’s my birthday and all. I managed to put 34 hours into the three days I worked this week, which wore me out but was also a good thing. I finished these major reports I had to get done by the end of the month, and next week should be normal 10-hour days, and we might have a temp soon! So things are looking up.

Working my ass off meant that ALL I wanted to do for my birthday was stay home and read. Which is exactly what I’m doing. I’ve already finished The Martian (I had like 120 pages left in it), and that was awesome. And now I’m taking a break to write this (obvs), and then I’ll probably sit down and devour all of the new graphic novels I have, because I’m super excited about those. And later I MIGHT actually leave the house to acquire some sort of food… haven’t decided what yet. I love this day so hard.

And of course, if you’re around today, I’ll be on Twitter and Instagram allllll day with the #bdayreadathon hashtag. You’ll get sick of me, I swear.


#bdayreadathon books.


So, today is all about reading. Tomorrow is all about BLOGGING. I have about 200 posts in Bloglovin to sort through, read, and comment on. I have two book reviews to write, and some graphic novel mini-review posts to write, and I should probably try to get ahead and schedule some Top Ten Tuesday posts or something.

I really want to say thanks to all of you for still sticking with me while this whole switching-jobs thing is going on. I feel like a dick when I only hop online to write a quick Sarah Sunday post and comment on a few blogs, but you know. Time is short at the moment. I really hope it’ll calm down in the next 5-6 weeks and I’ll be able to get back into a routine with blogging, tweeting, and basically just being actively social with ya’ll.

Leave a comment telling me all about how you like to celebrate YOUR birthday. OR, (because Laura made me think about this), tell me what famous people you share your birthday with! I apparently share a birthday with John Steinbeck & Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The honeyman WINS though, because he shares a birthday with J.K. Rowling. You don’t get cooler than that. But yeah, talk about either of those 2 things and this Sunday I’ll randomly pick a winner for a $20 Amazon giftcard. Open internationally, of course, as long as your country has a version of Amazon… do they all now? I don’t even know. If not, then we’ll arrange something via The Book Depository.

I adore you all. Thanks for reading and blogging with me today. You rock.




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Sarah Sunday!


Good morning and happy Sunday :)

Holy frick, you guys - I know that I was complaining about being busy before, but I feel like lately it’s been EVEN busier. I’m now doing 10 to 12 hour-long days at work, and it just leaves pretty much no time for anything else. And I haven’t had downtime at work in weeks. BUT I really like the stuff that I’m learning how to do at work, so at least I’m not miserable at work. I’m just exhausted when I get home. So, once again – sorry for not being around. I have posts in my Bloglovin reader that are like 2 weeks old, and I’m slowly going through and reading posts. I’ll probably be apologizing for this on a weekly basis, until we get a temp to replace me at work and train him/her.

But ANYWAYS, let’s bullet-point a few things:

  • I learned how to do my first Excel formula this week. I realize this probably isn’t very cool or exciting, but I’m a nerd and I love making spreadsheets and learning different ways to use them.
  • I’m disappointed in the newest (fifth) season of Cougar Town so far. Really, the two first seasons were the best and funniest – once the seasons got cut from like 25 episodes to 15, things were rushed, and there’s not as much continuity (seriously, some guest characters just disappeared without it ever really being explained), and the characters have become caricatures of themselves, in a weird way. And I LOATHE the Travis-Laurie storyline and hope that ends. I still love it and will watch all the new episodes they ever make, but yeah. Disappointing.
  • I drank a LOT of wine this weekend. It was game night on Friday (and drinking was probably a poor choice, because I had been up since 5:30 and drinking makes me sleepy so I was definitely trying to doze whenever it wasn’t my turn), and then my friend came over yesterday to watch some Cougar Town and OBVIOUSLY that called for wine.
  • I went to my sister’s Birthday / Premier Designs party on Thursday (Happy Birthday again sis!) and I said the saddest. thing. ever. Someone asked me what I was currently reading and I said “nothing”. I finished a book on Monday or Tuesday and then it just wasn’t worth starting anything else because things were so hectic and I just didn’t have the focus.
  • I got my first big overtime check this week, and a large chunk of that went to buying books… I ordered Saga Vol. 2, Chew Vol. 3, and Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories from Amazon and those should be here on Tuesday. And then I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought The Martian by Andy Weir, Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb, and Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell. I’m a big believer in treating yourself for working a lot.

And that kind of brings me to my main exciting thing – I only have to work 3 days this week because then it’s my birthday and I took time off so I’ll have a 4-day weekend! And I know exactly what I want to do on my birthday – I want to read all day.

So, if you’re around on Thursday and feel like reading, you can totally join me in my birthday readathon. It’s not a formal thing – I might not even do a blog post, because let’s face it – I’m lazy. But I WILL be reading and eating snacks and tweeting and Instagramming with the hashtag of #bdayreadathon, so feel free to jump in at any time.

And now I’m going to do laundry and jump into The Martian, which I hope it as awesome as I’ve been hearing so that it sucks me in and I end up reading the whole damn thing today. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend!



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Top Ten Tuesday: Reading and Blogging Love

the broke and the bookish

Good morning peeps.

I have been ridiculously busy lately, and it’s definitely decreased my reading and blogging time, which made this week Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and The Bookish) topic all the more perfect – Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader. Let the sap fest begin!

happy feels

Why I Love Being a Reader

1. Escapism – There is just something totally wonderful about being able to ignore the real world and lose myself in a good book.

reality is terrible

2. Learning – Yeah, I like to learn things. I’m strange like that. But my wonder at the world never really ceases, and I like learning more about it – especially if it has to do with science, lately.

3. Imagination – I think I have a crap imagination, on my own. Books never fail to impress me with new ideas, concepts, and premises. My favorite books usually end up having something really different about them – a setting on a different planet, or a parallel universe; characters that aren’t human; romance but with time travel, etc.

4. Relaxation – Reading keeps me sane, ya’ll. It relaxes me in the same way that I bet heroin relaxes heroin addicts – I NEED it, and it’s so great when I get to do it, and I never want to stop. (I’m assuming really… I’ve never done heroin.) I definitely feel more frazzled when I don’t get to read as often as I want.

5. I’ve always loved it - I distinctly remember reading when I was a kid, partly as a way to shut my parents out while they fought and partly because we didn’t get to watch a lot of TV. I just fell in love with it, and read everywhere I went, and it’s never changed. It’s so WEIRD to me when I see people waiting at bus stops, or in doctor’s offices, or on their lunch breaks, and they’re NOT reading. What a wasted opportunity!

Why I Love Being a Blogger

6. Talking about books – You have no idea what a joy it was to me to discover that there were groups of people on the internet who just chatted about books! And some of these people had their own websites to do so! Incredible.

7. Bloggers are awesome people -

true story

I little-numerical-heart you guys.

8. Memory – Talking about the books I read helps me REMEMBER the books I read. My memory is pretty lousy, but writing a review about a book helps nail down at least SOME of the details in my mind.

9. Stats and Reference – It’s also really handy to be able to look through my old posts for reference, or to get stats on my reading habits, or just to be all sappy and nostalgic. It’s kind of surprising how often I’ve had to search my own blog for something.

10. I enjoy it – There’s not really a simpler way to put it. I really like sitting down to blog, reading and commenting on other blogs, tinkering and posting, etc. I wish it was something I could devote way more time to, but unfortunately, it doesn’t pay the bills.

And while this post might have taken a bit to put together, my initial list I wrote down real quick took less than 5 minutes. There are only about a bajillion reasons to love reading and blogging and being a person who does such things.



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Sarah Sunday!


Me looking tired, but happy about my new cutlass – FLOWERS – new books – Gabby being weird – Gabby being even more weird


Happy Sunday morning there, ya’ll!

So, stuff happened this week that is sucky for the short-term, but awesome for the long-term (I think). Basically someone at my job quit really abruptly, so for the next 1-2 months, I’m doing 10-hour days, 5 days a week at my job. BUT at the same time I’m also training to move into a slightly different position at work that will have me doing more important stuff and learning a lot, will be regular 8 to 5 hours (or earlier, if I want) with nice hour-long lunches, and will pay more. The OT sucks right now because I’m working 8:30 to 7 and I have practically zero time for working out or reading. But I have a new position to look forward to when that’s over, and hopefully that will get me back on track for reading and blogging things as well. You may have noticed me commenting sporadically or on posts that are days to a week old… this is going to be the norm for a while. I’m tryin.

Reading has been AWFUL for me this month. It’s killing me a bit. I re-read The Rosie Project (awesome), read two graphic novels (Revival Vol. 1 and Chew Vol. 2), and quit Bleak House because seriously, no time for all that. I’m on page 306 of 435 in Assassin’s Apprentice, which I’m actually really enjoying except that I’m reading it basically a half-hour at a time. I was not prepared to work this much this week, so coming home and trying to figure out dinner has been a pain in the ass. I’ve basically come home, made food, watched an episode of something with the honeyman, and gone to bed. I’m planning things better for this week so at least I won’t have to waste a bunch of time making food.

ANYWAYS. Happy Valentine’s Day! Which I know was two days ago, but shut up. The honeyman did a FABULOUS job and got me a cutlass! It’s sharp, full-tang, not too heavy, and awesome. I’m soooooo going to be a pirate for Halloween this year. And of course, flowers and food. (And I got him a collapsible bow and arrow set he had been wanting.) We basically just hung out together Friday night and Saturday, watching most of Archer season 4 and spending time together. I did finally get to the gym this weekend too, which was awesome. I really missed it during the week and I think desperately needed it just to release tension and all that from work. It was fun.

workout happy


Other things…

  • I’ve listened to a full 1o episodes of Welcome to Night Vale now, so I might do a review-thingy of that this week, if I can squeeze it in.
  • There’s a multidimensional new geometric shape that means important things for quantum field theory.
  • I definitely fell on black ice on V-Day night. I tried to save myself so I fell pretty slowly, but still scraped up my left knuckles somehow.
  • I’m going to do a Sprite vs. Sierra Mist taste challenge today. We bought both, and the honeyman is going to blindfold me and have me taste test them, because he thinks I can’t tell the difference. He is wrong, because I KNOW Sprite is way more delicious.

And now I’m off to rush through all my errand so I can get home, do laundry, and read my ass off. I want to finish Assassin’s Apprentice, Saga Vol. 1, and Hellsing Vol. 1. Oh and yeah, I bought my first manga novel… I have reached a level of nerd that I never thought I would, but I do want to get more into Hellsing. I’ve seen some of the show, and it’s good, and the honeyman loves it.


How has everyone’s week been? Do any fun things on Valentine’s Day? Anything you’re excited about this week?




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January Mini-Review Recap!

Total books read in January: 13!

when you find the perfect outfit

Yay me.


BTW, sorry this recap is a bit late. I ummm, kind of forgot about it. Oops.

I am super psyched that I read over a dozen books in January, even if they were a lot of graphic novels, but it’s depressing to me that we’re now a little over a week in February and I’ve only finished 1 book and 2 short graphic novels. Le sigh.

Anyways. Let’s see the teeny tiny thoughts on what I read!


Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff – This is the sequel to Stormdancer, and it was really intense and there were some parts that made me crack up, and some really exciting new characters. I can’t wait for the third book (which is due out in September, I believe).


A Matter of Life, Jeffrey Brown

A Matter of Life by Jeffrey Brown – Short and well drawn, and I related to the author’s shift away from religion and more towards science as a thing to believe in. This was a tad disorganized though.



Buck by M.K. Asante – Absolutely brilliant memoir about the author growing up in Philadelphia. It was disturbing and beautiful, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Boxers and Saints

Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang – I loved the concept of this companion graphic novel set, and really liked the art, but I was underwhelmed by the books in general. 


Chew: Volume 1 by John Layman and Rob Guillory - I LOVED THIS. It’s about a guy who gets physic impressions from things he eats, and it’s set in a world where chicken is outlawed and there’s a chicken black market, and it was just so weird and fun. Can’t wait to read the entire series.


Smarter Than You Think

Smarter Than You Think by Clive Thompson - Really intelligent and thought-provoking about how humanity has dealt with new developments in communication and technology in the past, and how we can continue to use the new tools at our disposal in effective ways. VERY awesome book, I even bought my own copy.


Anya's Ghost

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol – Adorable and yet slightly creepy graphic novel about a girl’s struggle to fit in, and her befriending a ghost. Liked it.



Virgins by Diana Gabaldon - This is a short story in a new anthology out called Dangerous Women, and it’s based on Gabaldon’s Outlander series, which is of course why I read it. Love seeing young Jamie and Ian get into trouble together.


The Humans

The Humans by Matt Haig – An alien comes to Earth disguised as one of us, and learns what it means to be human. This was quirky and hilarious and touching. Looooved it.


Packing for Mars Mary Roach

Packing for Mars by Mary Roach – Really weird, learned lots of gross stuff, but overall I found it to be not exactly what I was hoping for.


The Bluest Eye

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison – Brilliant. Just go read it.


Fool by Christopher Moore

Fool by Christopher Moore – Funny, strange, and endearing. I am SO excited that there’s a sequel coming out in April.


Whew! I am really happy with the mix of books in January – Classics, humor, graphic novels, non-fiction, fantasy, etc. Awesome.

Also, some stats! Because I’m trying that whole “read more ladies and non-white folks” thing:

Books by female authors: 4 out of 13. Not so great.

Books by non-white authors: 6 out of 13.  That’s roughly half, so yay.

Let’s hope that February picks up the pace and that I can work more lady authors into my mix.

Have you read any of these? Any on your TBR?




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